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Using a Sit-To-Stand Desk Will Change Your Life - For the Better


Making a simple change like adding a sit-to-stand desk into your life will improve your overall well being. Choosing the right ergonomic office is important and you should consider your sit-to-stand options in office furniture. Standing desks are not all the same so think carefully about tailoring the best desk to suit your needs.

Adopt Standing Desk Solutions - Tools for A Better Life

1. Too many desks are a one size fits all box. You should opt for a desk with design tailored to you. Consider buying a desk that has customizable options and features like a keyboard arm and tray, multiple monitor configurations and the accessibility and portability of a desk on wheels. When buying an adjustable height table consider the features that will make it even better. Our recommendation for the best customizable standing desk is HERE.
2. Avoid long periods of time sitting down. There are ergonomic office chairs that are tall that can be of huge benefit and support to users. These high office chairs can raise and lower to comfortable heights throughout the day and help your legs feel better in more comfortable positions. We recommend this ergonomic office high chair for your standing desk HERE.
3. Stand up more. It has never been easier to adjust from a sit to stand position. The American Medical Association agrees that an adjustable height desk for sitting and standing is a good tool to fighting sedentary diseases.
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Fight Sitting Disease By Standing More At Work and Throughout the Day, It's That Easy!

If you are looking at this webpage right now, chances are that you are viewing it seated down at your desk or on your mobile device. We want you to consider standing up throughout the day. It's possible that you are at serious risk of Sitting Disease. Of course we want you to integrate a standing, height adjustable desk to your office. But here is a great article for 8 additional ways to get up and out of your chair throughout the day. Read it HERE.


“Is all that sitting really killing us?”

Yes, yes it is. "Sitting Disease" is the popular term that has evolved from the relatively new research field known as inactivity physiology, coined by Marc T. Hamilton. Hamilton wrote in the Cardiovascular Risk Report, “It is time to consider excessive sitting a serious health hazard, with the potential for ultimately giving consideration to the inclusion of too much sitting (or too few breaks from sitting) in physical activity and health guidelines.” To read more about Hamilton's findings read more HERE.


The Smithsonian published a comprehensive article on the Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks that is worth reading.

They write that standing desks can offer a lower long-term mortality rate, reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, and reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. It is an article worth reading if you are considering the benefits of purchasing a sit-to-stand desk for your office. It might convince you of the health importance of standing up more at work. Read the whole Smithsonian article HERE.

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