Wheelchair Accessible Desks for Wheelchairs ADA Compatible Tables and Workstations


Do you rely on a wheelchair, or some other form of mobility device, and find it difficult to work at a regular office desk? Or perhaps your business is looking to upgrade to a more access-friendly work environment. At Zero Gravity Tables, we believe everyone deserves a desk that works for them, and we’re committed to providing the best wheelchair computer desks available for people with limited mobility. If it’s your personal mission to never let anything hold you back, then the wheelchair accessible computer table from Zero Gravity Tables has got what you need!





The wheelchair computer desks from Zero Gravity Tables are specifically designed to make your work environment simpler and more efficient. Our ergonomically designed wheelchair computer table has been equipped with a robust electric lift system that raises and lowers the work surface, smoothly and quietly, from 24 to 50 inches. By meeting the standards in height for wheelchair users, as set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act, our adjustable desks for wheelchair use make an efficient workspace accessible to everyone. The four programmable, soft-touch buttons on our illuminated dashboard are easily operated with one finger, allowing you to find and utilize the best wheelchair computer desk height for your personal needs. And this same pre-programmable quality offered by our precision-engineered technology means that one wheelchair accessible table can be quickly and conveniently employed by multiple users, with or without a wheelchair. With its innovative design and many customizable features, the best wheelchair computer workstation available today from Zero Gravity Tables is the clear choice for business offices, classrooms, and home work environments.

While the wheelchair accessible computer tables from Zero Gravity Tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and configurations, many incredible features come standard with all of our adjustable desks for wheelchair, including:

  • Touch-of-a-Button Electric Adjustment from 24-50 inches and back again, within seconds
  • Under-Desk Cable Management solution that keeps cords off the floor, and out of the way of your mobility device
  • Scratch-resistant work surfaces that are available in four color finishes, including our unique Whiteboard option that allows for note-taking and brainstorming right across the work surface of your wheelchair computer desk!
  • Sturdy Metal Legs that are manufactured from American-sourced steel, and are Nevamar powder-coated right in our own factory to provide superior rust resistance
  • Brushed Aluminum Trim for a sleek, modern design
  • Reinforced Steel Footings 
  • Easy to understand, out-of-the-box set-up instructions
  • Made in America quality 

Zero Gravity Tables has engineered the best wheelchair accessible computer workstation on the market, providing the perfect adjustable and creative workspace solution for everyone. Ergonomics are all about the way the body naturally works, and the adjustable desks for wheelchair users from Zero Gravity Tables are specially designed to help prevent stress injuries, and to allow wheel chair users to perform routine tasks safely, efficiently, and comfortably. With precision height adjustment to within millimeters, the work surface of our wheelchair computer tables can be set to the exact height desired, preventing those with limited mobility from having to stretch, slouch or contort uncomfortably while working. 




The sturdy steel legs on our wheelchair accessible tables are far enough apart to give wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices, enough clearance and turning radius to move effectively. An optional add-on wheel kit makes your wheelchair accessible computer desk mobile, allowing you to conveniently push or pull the desk into position as needed. If a computer is to be used with your wheelchair accessible desk, optional adjustable keyboard trays that tilt and swivel into position allow the keyboard to rest comfortably above your lap, and can be pushed under the desk and out of the way when not in use. Customizable monitor mounting rack configurations available for single, dual, triple or quad computer screen set-ups allow for optimal eye level positioning, and are just one more feature that makes the adjustable desks for wheelchair access from Zero Gravity Tables the best wheelchair computer workstations you can buy. Working in an ergonomic environment is important for everyone’s well-being, and the advanced ergonomic technology provided by a Zero Gravity Tables wheelchair computer desk makes this a health benefit everybody can enjoy.

So why do we think the wheelchair computer table from Zero Gravity Tables is the best wheelchair computer table on the market? The technologically forward design, and innovative custom features offered by our wheelchair accessible desk make it one-of-a-kind, and bring the health and productivity advantages of an ergonomic work environment to everyone who lives with mobility issues. When you need an accessible workstation, look no further than the best wheelchair accessible computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables for:

  • Flexibility to adjust your work surface height with the convenient touch of a button
  • Ergonomic health benefits that can relieve physical stress and promote productivity
  • 1000+ customizable configurations to meet your exact workspace needs
  • Function and style together in a high-quality design
  • Made in America quality that’s been produced using sustainable materials and eco-friendly techniques
  • A money-back guarantee on what is simply the best wheelchair computer station in its class, complemented by a lifetime warranty

At Zero Gravity Tables, we believe that limited mobility should never be allowed to limit creativity, and that’s why we’re proud to stand by our design for what is quite possibly the best wheelchair accessible computer station available. So say goodbye to the generic inconvenience of a regular desk, and say hello to a new level of productivity with the wheelchair computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables.