Black Computer Desk Workstation Table


Are you looking to buy the perfect black standing computer desk to enhance the style and functionality of your workspace? Then look no further. At Zero Gravity Tables you’re virtually guaranteed to find the super sleek black computer table of your dreams. 

At Zero Gravity Tables, we reinvented the classic work desk and created one of the most modern black computer desks available for both home and office. With our innovative, adjustable height design, your ideal ergonomic position is just seconds away, as our stylishly designed glossy black computer workstations help you alternate between sitting and standing. Not only will this revolutionary feature help maximize the functional aspect of your work environment, it will offer some serious health benefits as well.

Stand up desks are good for your health. Back pain, hip and leg problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome are just some of the many serious conditions that can develop as a result of spending many hours sitting. The black standing computer workstation created by Zero Gravity Tables is the ultimate solution to this problem.

By converting quickly and quietly from a sit to a stand position and back again, our modern black computer tables encourage a dynamic postural change in body position throughout the work day. Research has even gone so far as to indicate that sitting for too long at a time can actually shorten your life expectancy, and that’s why experts recommend alternating between sitting and standing when in a static environment. This is the design approach we’ve taken with our black standing computer desks, and you’ll find that standing for as little as two extra hours a day can increase your metabolism and boost your energy. The different customization choices will help prevent and reduce physical stress.

Zero Gravity Tables can enhance both creativity and productivity. Some of the extraordinary features that will sell you on the look and quality of our black standing computer workstations include: 

  • Electric button to adjust from sit to stand, and back again. The height of our black computer desk is adjustable from 24” to 50” within seconds. The Programmable Soft Touch Dashboard allows the height adjustment system to work quietly and effortlessly with pre-programmable height buttons and a digital LED display that let's you see exact height measurements. And these units offer an impressive 300 lb. lifting capacity!
  • The Under-Desk Cable Management solution offered by our black computer table allows you to keep those pesky cords off of the floor and out of your way
  • Sturdy Metal Legs are manufactured from American-sourced steel, and are Nevamar powder-coated right in our own factory to provide superior scratch and rust resistance. These legs can be color-coordinated to help highlight the beautiful finish of your glossy black computer table
  • Brushed Aluminum Trim offers a stylish design, and offsets the modern look of our sleek black computer tables
  • Available in Reinforced Steel Footings or optional wheel accessories  
  • Easy to understand, out-of-the-box set-up instructions are included
  • Made in America quality is guaranteed 

The operational lift system of our modern black computer table is one of the fastest in the market. It was designed to be quiet, luxurious, and smooth. Soft touch buttons raise and lower the work surface effortlessly, and our motors incorporate a seamless, stop-off transition, so you never have to worry about jolting stops. Everything on the lustrous work surface of your glossy black computer desk stays perfectly in its place. But even with its outstanding design features, we’ve managed to keep the lift system of our stylish black computer desks completely hidden from view within the sturdy steel legs, preserving the overall streamlined and aesthetic appearance that makes our glossy black computer tables so attractive. Style and functionality come together in one glorious combination.

In addition to the impressive list of features that are standard to all of our white, wood grain and black computer tables, one of the greatest advantage remains the ability to have them built to suit your personal workstation needs. Zero Gravity Tables are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and offer a wide array of customizable add-on features. You can shop for the shape, size, color and accessories you want in order to create the perfect white, wood grain or black standing computer desk. We invite you to discover the 1000+ configurations we offer. From CPU holders to multiple monitor configurations to adjustable keyboard trays, your black computer workstation can be personalized to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience for your work environment.

So why buy an attractive ergonomically-designed glossy black computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables? 

  • Flexibility to sit or stand throughout your work day with the touch of a button
  • Potential health benefits that can relieve physical stress and promote productivity
  • 1000+ customizable configurations to meet your exact work space needs
  • Function and style together – you can have that modern black computer table look, along with superior design and performance
  • Made in America quality that’s been produced using sustainable materials and eco-friendly techniques
  • A money-back guarantee, complemented by a lifetime warranty

When you buy an ultra-modern, glossy black computer workstation from Zero Gravity Tables, we sell you a whole new work environment. Thousands of users agree – they’ll never go back to conventional desks again! So why wait? Discover the black standing computer desk of your dreams today, and give your workspace the look it deserves.