Standing Desks Sit to Stand Workstation Table


Tired of the back pain and cramped, uncomfortable posture that result from spending too many hours sitting at a regular desk? At Zero Gravity Tables, our mission is to design and produce the world’s finest sit to stand desks, and it’s our dedication to preventing and reducing physical stress in the workplace that has led to our creation of the best sit to stand desk you can buy. Lifting and lowering from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button, the customizable stand up desk from Zero Gravity Tables will maximize the functional potential of your work environment, while offering some serious health benefits at the same time.


Research shows you can live a longer, healthier life by simply taking a stand, and the standing table from Zero Gravity Tables is here to help with that. As a workforce that primarily sits for many hours each day, we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to causing harm to our personal health and well-being. By introducing a product such as a standing desk workstation into your home or office, this potential harm can be negated or even reversed, and the sit or stand desk from Zero Gravity Tables is here to provide you with a personalized solution to the sitting disease dilemma. Converting quickly and quietly from a sitting to a standing position and back again, our sit to stand table encourages a dynamic, postural change in body positioning throughout the work day that can lead to improved circulatory health, reduced back pain, and increased alertness. Changing body position frequently with a sitting or standing desk, and adding just a couple of extra hours of standing to each work day, can also improve muscle tone, raise energy levels, and burn extra calories through increased metabolism. With the many customizable features of our Zero Gravity Tables sit to stand desk, we’re offering real solutions to better health, with workspace concepts that work both for you and with you. 


Many extraordinary features come standard with all our sitting or standing tables, including our technologically calibrated electric power lift system, solid steel frames, and scratch-resistant work surfaces. But it doesn’t end there. There are lots of good reasons to buy a sit stand desk from Zero Gravity Tables:

  • Flexibility to sit or stand throughout your work day with the touch of a button
  • Potential health benefits that can relieve physical stress and promote productivity
  • 1000+ customizable configurations to meet your exact workspace needs
  • Function and style together in a high-quality, electric standing desk design
  • Made in America quality that’s been produced using sustainable materials and eco-friendly techniques
  • A money-back guarantee on the market’s best sit to stand table, complemented by a lifetime warranty

At Zero Gravity Tables, our innovative standing up desk is founded on great design. Ergonomic and programmable, our 4-button, soft-touch dashboard controls the powerful, high-efficiency motor that raises and lowers your customizable standing desk quietly and smoothly. In fact, our lift system has been rated by users as one of the quickest and quietest on the market, and the pre-programmable height adjustments and clear, easy-to-read display make our standing desks the perfect choice for multi-user workspaces. The proprietary motor on our standing desk workstation has also been designed with a seamless, stop-off transition, which means you never have to worry about grating or jolting stops when making height alterations. Everything on the work surface of your electric standing table stays perfectly in its place. And even with all of this custom power at your disposal, you won’t have to sacrifice the streamlined design that our modern sit to stand tables bring to any office décor, because the precision mechanics remain completely hidden from view within the durable and rust-resistant steel legs that support all of our sit/stand desks.


But perhaps the biggest advantage of all when buying a customizable stand up table from Zero Gravity Tables is the fact that we are a ‘Made in America’ company. This not only means our standing desk workstations are reliably high-quality and can be shipped quickly, it also means we have the flexibility to design sit/stand desk solutions that can be built to suit your personal requirements. With the shape, size, color and accessory options you want, our 1000+ workspace configurations make Zero Gravity Tables the clear choice for your standing desk needs. Looking for innovation? The unique Whiteboard surface option offered by Zero Gravity Tables allows for spur-of-the-moment brainstorming by simply using dry erase markers for note-taking right across the surface of your stand up desk! Just a few of the other optional and add-on features available for your customizable standing table include: 

  • Ergonomic, fully adjustable Keyboard Arms and Trays
  • Adjustable CPU Holders
  • Multiple Monitor Rack configurations that allow for the set-up of single, dual, triple or quad computer screens on your standing desk adjustable table
  • Four Modern Work Surface Finishes to complement your sit or stand table, including Maple Wood Grain, Cherry Wood Grain, Sleek Black Gloss, and our Innovative Whiteboard

With a stand up table from Zero Gravity Tables, better health and a customized workspace solution are just the beginning. Thousands of users agree – they’ll never go back to conventional computer desks again! So why wait? Discover the many benefits available to you, with a standing desk adjustable height workstation from Zero Gravity Tables.