Standing Computer Desks Workstations and Tables


Want to do away with the back pain and discomfort that come from spending hours hunched over a regular computer desk? Adjust the height of your work surface with a sit or stand computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables, and adjust the way you work forever! Our modern and precision-engineered sitting or standing computer table will have you gliding smoothly from a sitting to a standing position and back again, in mere seconds. So do yourself the favor of choosing a customizable stand up computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables, and we guarantee you’ll never look back. 

In this age of technology where we’ve become a workforce that sits at computer desks for many hours each day, negative health repercussions such as postural pain, high blood pressure, diabetes and yes, even a shortened life span, have become the new reality. But the ergonomically enhanced standing computer desk workstations from Zero Gravity Tables are here to change all that.

Research shows that one of the simplest ways to improve your health is to implement regular physical movement, and incorporate periods of standing throughout your day. The human body was simply not meant to sit for hours on end, and the specialized design of the Zero Gravity Tables standing computer desk is one of the best ways to introduce healthy body posture and movement into your regular work environment. When you stand with the help of a standing computer table, you naturally increase energy levels, tone lower body muscles, improve circulation, and correct stance and posture issues. And regular stand up computer desk users even report the added benefits of sharpened focus, improved concentration, and greater productivity in the workplace. Our sit to stand computer desks are the preferred, modern choice for today’s challenging work environment because at Zero Gravity Tables, we’re dedicated to you and the human experience.

The technologically calibrated, electric standing computer table from Zero Gravity Tables has been specifically designed to raise and lower your work surface smoothly, quickly and quietly with the simple touch of a button. We took the old fashioned, poorly constructed computer desk and reinvented it by incorporating a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled elevation processor, to create what is simply the best sit to stand computer desk you can buy. The 4-button programmable dashboard, with its precision measurement and illuminated height display, brings the work surface of your stand up computer table to the desired height within seconds – a perfect feature for multi-user workspaces. And the seamless movement provided by the smooth start/stop technology of our electric standing computer desk means you’ll never have to worry about jolting or disruptive movements. Everything on the work surface of your customizable stand up computer table stays perfectly in its place. 

Building the highest quality, sit or stand computer table available might have been enough for some companies, but at Zero Gravity Tables, we wanted to take it further. The sit to stand computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables is more than an investment in your personal health and well-being; it’s an incredibly innovative and attractive addition to your personalized workspace. Just some of the many features that are standard to all of our standing computer desks include: 

  • Solid Steel Frames
  • Brushed Aluminum Trim
  • Sturdy, Powder-Coated Metal Legs
  • Under-Desk Cable Management Solutions
  • Uniquely attractive and scratch-resistant Work Surfaces, including our interactive Whiteboard finish that allows you to use the surface of your sitting or standing computer desk for note-taking and brainstorming 
  • Easy to ready, out-of-the-box set-up instructions
  • Made in America quality
  • A Money-back guarantee on what is virtually the best sit to stand computer table on the market, complemented by a lifetime warranty

But it doesn’t end there. The sit/stand computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables is available with 1000+ customizable features and configurations that will allow you to create the most productive workspace imaginable. With custom accessories like CPU holders, adjustable keyboard trays, and multiple monitor set-ups, you can choose the customizable standing computer table shape, size, color and configuration that best meets the needs of your personal office environment. As a Made-in-America company, Zero Gravity Tables has the flexibility to offer you customizable control over every aspect of putting together the standing computer desk workstation of your dreams.

The sit to stand computer table from Zero Gravity Tables is the ultimate merging of style and productivity in a health-promoting workspace. And all of this is created for you with the environment in mind, through the use of our standard eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials. At Zero Gravity Tables, we care about the planet we share and it’s our goal to bring you the highest quality standing up computer desk possible, with a minimal environmental impact. All of our sit/stand computer desks are designed and manufactured with conscious awareness that includes:

  • Recycled steel in our sturdy metal legs
  • Sustainable woods with no waste
  • Metal powder-coating that’s performed in a LEED-certified plant, to enhance the rust-resistant quality of our sit stand computer table
  • Recycled plastic components
  • Locally-sourced materials for our standing up computer table, that lower shipping and transport emissions

So don’t become a statistic and allow your health to be compromised by the continued use of a poorly-designed computer desk. Invest in a customizable standing computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables and become one of the thousands of users who agree – they’ll never go back to a regular computer desk again! Join the emerging majority and discover what a customized, programmable sit stand computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables can do for you.