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Simple Fixes to Improve Your Office Environment

At Zero Gravity Tables we help you change your life with simple fixes to improve your office environment.

1. Get a new desk - Invest in a Sit-To-Stand Office Computer Desk

The most important thing you can do is integrate an Electric Lift, Adjustable-Height Desk from Zero Gravity to improve your office. The standard desk sitting height is in the neighborhood of 29 inches -- which might be perfect for a 5-foot-7-inch man, but terrible for you. Not only will an adjustable desk allow for the ideal seated positioning for people of all heights, the perfect desk will enable you to work comfortably while standing. Your back and your heart will thank you for switching off from sitting to standing throughout the day! When possible, take short walking breaks as well.

2. Make your office design inspiring

Extend your life by feeling more fulfilled. Loving a place where you spend a large part of your life is important. Having an office that is functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing will make you happy. It is true, an adjustable height desk could literally add years to your life. Having a meaningful life that is also healthy by making this small change is so important. By simply utilizing an adjustable height desk, standing, and moving for just a few minutes each hour throughout your workday can make all the difference in your health and life expectancy. With power adjustable height at the touch of a button, our standing adjustable height desk might just change your life and even make it longer.


3. Invest in a new chair 

Next in order of importance to an adjustable height standing desk is your seating choice. If you must sit then we offer an excellent option in our favorite, adjustable height ergonomic high chair. Adjustable Ergonomic Chair is the ultimate upgrade. The right chair makes a huge difference. Selecting our high chair with bottom ring will encourage movement throughout the day and allows you to move spontaneously while you're seated. Supporting your lower back properly, by actually using the backrest of your chair, rather than perching on the edge of the seat, will also help you sit erectly. This requires a recline mechanism that moves with you and an adjustable backrest with a built-in lumbar support that automatically adjusts to your spine as you shift positions. Seat depth and arm supports should also be adjustable. Our chairs help put you in the perfect posture. 

4. Add on a Keyboard Arm and Tray 

For many of us, there is no way around the fact that we spend too much time at our desks, but it doesn't mean we can have the best desk for our work. Our desks add-ons will make your adjustable height stand up desk even better. Our Adjustable Keyboard Arm and Tray System is the best choice. Ideal positioning of the hands minimizes reaching -- keeping your work close by -- while also helping you avoid leaning your wrists on the desktop or keyboard. The former prevents postural accommodation and hence, neck and back strain, while the latter lessens the likelihood you'll wind up with compression type conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. The crucial feature of a fully integrated ergonomic keyboard tray is its adjustability. Unlike a fixed unit, which lies flat and only slides in or out, an adjustable system glides smoothly and can also be locked in at a downward, or negative, angle, eliminating the cocked posturing at the wrist that leads to injury.

5. Build the ultimate monitor setup 

We believe a hugely valuable thing you can do to improve your work experience is to add adjustable monitor arms for your computer screen set-up. Mounting your flat screen monitor to a secure but adjustable monitor arm will enable you to set it at the appropriate height, no matter the user. Your primary monitor should ideally be set so that the top line of text is not higher than your seated (or standing) eye level while working. This will eliminate the need to extend your neck to scan any portion of the screen. An added benefit of the monitor arm is that it frees up desk space. Have multiple monitors? No worries! We offer single, dual, triple and quad monitor setup solutions.


These 5 simple work office fixes will have lasting effects. Importantly, by reducing sitting, you will reduce aches and tension. Many people suffer from back pains, muscle aches and tension from stress. Because we spend so much of our time sitting down we have the physical aches and pains to match this sedentary lifestyle. A simple, practical solution is to simply stand up and alternate from throughout the day as you sit and stand when your body tells you to. As you get a standing routine at your desk you will find a reduction in back pain, muscle aches and general fatigue. Relieve the strain, stress and attention creates from bad posture. 

Soon your will feel stronger. Our back and belly muscles are the weakest part of the body. It is our core that we need to focus on. With a standing height desk we activate these muscles and in doing so we gain strength. When you stand at your desk you will increase use of the abdominal muscles, strengthen the back muscles, use your leg muscles and improve circulation. 

Our standing desks will also help you increase productivity and get more done at work. With the Zero Gravity Tables you can take mini breaks without ever leaving your desk, all you have to do is touch a button and stand up. Your office is your second home, you should be comfortable and it should be easy to use. Our adjustable height desks are the most comfortable on the market.