Eco-Friendly Standing Desk Commitment

Eco-Friendly Standing Desk Commitment

At Zero Gravity Tables, we believe in minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing techniques to protect our natural resources. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to manufacture only Eco-Friendly products. Our engineers craft and develop our desks and tables with the latest technology to minimize any toxic or wasteful bi-products. As we work to revolutionize how you work with the standing desk technology, we are also designing a green and Eco-Friendly product line that constantly focuses on evaluating and producing products with the lowest environmental impact possible. 

High-Quality & Sustainable Materials in Our Sit-To-Stand Tables

Our standing desks are made with high quality materials. We source more expensive options to make sure that your product is ethically produced from manufacturing to inception. We do not want toxins in our bodies nor do we want your work environment to have them. Zero Gravity Tables products are created with toxic-free pressed woods and finishes. Our manufacturing facility is a low emission facility with state-of-the-art ventilation to ensure that when our woods are cut, every particle is captured and reused as sawdust. We have been diligently dedicated towards making sure that our production facility does not produce harmful toxins. 


Adjustable Height Desks Made from Recycled Materials

To make sure the production of our products affect the environment in the least possible way, our tabletop surfaces are made with natural and sustainable materials. Our materials are made of recycled wood and wood that is grown in sustainable forests. We are always looking for additional ways to use environmentally friendly methods in our production process. Our commitment to produce quality ergonomic office furniture that has a minimal impact on the environment makes us the best green LEED certified choice in the market. 

Stylish Electric Lift Tables Without Using Too Much Power

We make every effort to ensure that our table base and legs are made with recycled materials and make sure to use only that whenever possible. Our recycled American steel is hand selected by the best local U.S. distributors. During the production process, our recycled metal frames consume less energy. We also make sure that the landfills do not contain metal.

We experimented with the Versa Desktop Riser to understand exactly how much electricity is used and how much would that cost.

Estimated annual usage based on the following assumptions:

  • An average 40 lbs. load on the table
  • Moved 20 times up and down everyday

The result:

  • Annual electricity consumption was 2.7 KWH (Kilowatt Hour)
  • Estimated cost of electricity - $0.40/ year (based on rate chart from Southern California Edison @ 18 cent / KWH)

Not only do we make sure that the manufacturing process is Eco-Friendly, we also make sure that the final product consumes less electricity so we can help conserve the Earth's resources as much as possible. 

Our Tables Promote Energy Savings While Elevating Up and Down

We use technology to protect our environment even if it means that we pay more for the production. Our powder coating facilities used in the manufacturing process are the most advanced in the industry. Powder coating is better for the environment because it releases barely any VOC's into the air. Additionally, powder coating does not have off-gassing (off-gassing is when harmful chemicals are released from the painted product). Powder coating remains one of the cleanest and greenest processes in the manufacturing process. The air circulated throughout the spray booths is strictly contained and captured to ensure that the over-spray can be reused to help eliminate waste.