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Adjustable Height Computer Office Desk


Are you looking for the ultimate desk to enhance the style and productivity of your work environment?

Look no further! The deluxe adjustable height desk from Zero Gravity Tables is the most innovative height adjusting office desk in its class and a consistent favorite among satisfied owners everywhere. With the adjustable sit-to-stand desk from Zero Gravity Tables, you will discover the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

The adjustable height desk from Zero Gravity Tables has been specifically designed to meet the ergonomic requirements that will allow you to work smarter, longer, and more effectively. With a state-of-the-art electric lift system, our adjustable standing computer desk can be raised and lowered from a sitting to a standing position, and then back again, with the simple touch of a button. The smooth, vertical force supplied by our proprietary motor delivers an astounding 300 lbs. of lifting power to our adjustable height desks and has been rated as one of the quickest and most quiet height adjusting desk systems on the market. Our seamless stop-off transition is computer-controlled which means you never have to worry about jarring or jolting stops when making height adjustments. Everything on the work surface of your adjustable height sit-to-stand desk stays perfectly in place. The clearly illuminated LED display and soft-touch buttons on our programmable dashboard allow you to choose where to position your adjustable computer desk with precision for maximum benefit. We have even managed to keep the high-quality lift system of our height adjusting sit-to-stand desk completely hidden from view by placing it in the the sturdy steel legs. This design preserves the overall aesthetic appearance that is found in every aspect of our deluxe height adjusting desk design. 

Standard Features

The adjustable desks for sitting and standing from Zero Gravity Tables include many standard features that are designed to help create the ideal workspace solution for you. 

  • Touch-of-a-button electric adjustment from 24” to 50” and back again, within seconds
  • Scratch-resistant work surfaces available in four finishes, including our unique whiteboard platform that allows for note-taking and brainstorming right across the surface of your adjustable office desk!
  • An under-desk cable management solution that keeps cords and cables off the floor keeping them out of your way
  • Brushed aluminum trim that adds a sleek, modern design to your adjustable lift desk
  • American-sourced steel legs that are Nevamar powder-coated for advanced rust resistance

As a modern workforce that primarily sits for hours on end, we are playing havoc with our health and well-being. At Zero Gravity Tables, we believe it is time to get standing, get moving, and get more out of life with the use of an adjustable height lift desk. Anyone who spends long hours sitting or working at a conventional desk has probably experienced pain in their legs, hips, and/or back. However, this is just the tip of the health-issue iceberg. Studies are linking even more serious health problems to our long hours of sitting, including such conditions as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease – not to mention the risk of a shortened life span! The adjustable stand up computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables is here to change all that. Our height adjusting lift desk encourages you to move and change your body positioning throughout the work day which can improve core strength, increase blood flow, boost metabolism, and reduce fatigue. With the many customizable features of our adjustable height lift desks, we are dedicated to helping prevent and reduce physical stress in the workplace with personalized solutions that are good for the mind, body, and soul. Discover how the adjustable sit-to-stand computer desk technology from Zero Gravity Tables can transform the way you work forever.

One of the biggest benefits of buying an adjustable height office desk from Zero Gravity Tables is that, as a Made-in-America company, we have the flexibility to allow you to build the perfect height adjusting computer desk for your personal workstation needs. You can choose the shape, size, color along with accessories you want in order to customize your workspace: We invite you to discover the 1000+ configurations that are available to personalize your adjustable height desk. From tilt and swivel keyboard arms and adjustable CPU Holders to multi-monitor mounting rack configurations, the adjustable sit-to-stand Zero Gravity Tables computer desk you create becomes as original as you are.

So, why buy an adjustable height standing desk from Zero Gravity Tables? 

  • Flexibility to sit and stand throughout your work day with the touch of a button
  • Potential health benefits that can relieve physical stress and promote productivity
  • 1000+ customizable configurations to meet your personal creative space needs
  • Function and style together in a high-end adjustable height computer desk design
  • Made in America using sustainable materials and eco-friendly techniques
  • A money-back guarantee on what is simply the best adjustable height desk on the market, complemented by a lifetime warranty 

The adjustable height desks for sitting and standing from Zero Gravity Tables are the perfect solution for encouraging greater productivity and creativity in your work environment. Join the flexible office environment by purchasing a Zero Gravity Tables adjustable height computer desk today: we guarantee you will be satisfied with your decision.