Reviews from People Who Love Our Sit-To-Stand-Desks




 Feeling tired and stuck? Have aches and pains from sitting all day? The solution is simple - integrate a standing desk, with multiple monitor rack mounts can make you more active and productive. Learn more about the difference sit-to-stand adjustable height desks can make in your life. Here are testimonials of people just like you on how standing desks made a difference in their lives: 

"I couldn't wait to try this to help relieve my back pain. After just a few days I could feel a big difference. Zero Gravity Tables converter me to a stand-up desk user for life. Thank you!" Sean J., Birmingham, AL

"Years of sitting at my old computer desk was finally starting to catch up to me. My belly was growing and I slowed down. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I knew I had to make a change. I invested in a stand-up desk and pushed myself to stand more at work. It really worked. When I have blood sugar lows, standing up actually helps me get my energy back. It sort of kick starts me. Now I am energized and invigorated. Should have gotten a Zero Gravity Desk sooner." Charles P., Tulsa, OK

"Restless leg syndrome has been an issue for me. Before getting my standing desk I had a hard time finding a comfortable work desk. After lots of comparison and research, ZG was the best choice for me. Now I alternate from sitting to standing at work and I can finally feel comfortable. I'm never going back to a regular desk." Sarah M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I was involved in a car accident that left me with some spinal issues. In physical therapy I learned about the benefits of standing for spine health and good posture. Working with a standing desk has elevated the work experience and helped me recover faster. I'm happy my therapist recommended Zero Gravity, they really are the best sit-to-stand desks." Dana T., Sacramento, CA




We wanted to hear from American workers about what we already knew - that Sit-To-Stand Desks will make them feel better. So we tested the market with our Deluxe Height Adjustable Electric Lift Table and had our participants answer honestly how they felt Standing Desks made a difference in their lives. 

Conducting a Survey of Standing Desks Users for Happiness and Testimonials



 First, we decided that we wanted to text a range of people from different demographics that would use our stand up desks. We wanted to have a mix of male and female participants because studies have shown that the physical effects of sitting all day are more damaging to women in the long run. However, men the men we surveyed had complained of more discomfort from aches and pains from a regular desk. To test the market, we used an equal amount of men and women with varying ages to show how standing up throughout the day helps everyone.

Amazing Results of Using an Adjustable Height Sit-To-Stand Computer Desk



The results were phenomenal. 99% of our standing desks users reported feeling much better using our sit-to-stand desk. Yes, that's right, 99% were happy being able to adjust the desks height throughout the day. We were so excited to see that some people reported loosing weight, that most everyone reported having more energy and that over half of our survey reported feeling more comfortable at work.

Using a Standing Desk for Life - People Agree, They Love our Sit-To-Stand Desks



We also wanted to know how many people would keep using the Zero Gravity Height Adjustable TableWe were proud to learn that 99% of our test users would continue happily using our sit-to-stand desks at work. We look forward to hearing your experiences with a product we are excited to provide you! Drop us a note with a testimonial you want to share.