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  • With a one touch programmable dash board you can move the desk up and down easily as you sit down and stand up throughout the day.
  • Our customers love our interactive tabletop surface to use with dry erase markers for note taking and brainstorming.
  • The Zero Gravity Table Shown with Front 110 Power USB, Wheel Kit, CPU Holder, Keyboard Arm and Tray
  • The Zero Gravity Table Shown with Dual Straight Cross Bar, Front 110 Power USB, Wheel Kit, CPU Holder, Keyboard Arm and Tray.
  • Four Monitor Vertical System, Front 110 Power USB, Wheel Kit, CPU Holder, Keyboard Arm and Tray.
  • The Zero Gravity Table Shown with Four Monitor Vertical System, Front 110 Power USB, Wheel Kit, CPU Holder, Keyboard Arm and Tray
  • Our Dual Straight Cross Bar Computer Monitor arms swivel 360 degrees and move up to 20 inches in either direction while freeing valuable space on your desktop.
  • The Zero Gravity Table Shown with Dual Straight Cross Bar, Front 110 Power USB, Wheel Kit, CPU Holder, Keyboard Arm and Tray, High Chair with Bottom Ring, Pedestal File Drawer Set
  • Programmable One Touch Dash Board
  • Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray
  • Front 110 Power USB Front 110 Power USB Ports and 3 Prong Power Outlets Bar for charging and additional office power where you need it. 

Standing desks that offer more power. Our elevated desk and table work stations are customizable with a range of colors options and our attention to detail with a front USB power ports make office furniture functional.

Zero Gravity Tables Power Management provides premium power protection for all valuable electronic equipment and connected devices. Our add-on customization gives you front, easy access, onboard power.
  • Front 110 Power USB Ports and 3 Prong Power Outlets Bar for charging and additional office power where you need it.
  • Dual LCD Monitor Straight Cross Bar
  • Deluxe Elevated Desktop CPU (Central Processing Unit) Holder
  • Wheel Kit for Height Adjustable Desks
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our black tabletop and black electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our whiteboard tabletop and black electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our maple woodgrain tabletop and black electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our cherry woodgrain tabletop and black electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our maple woodgrain tabletop and white electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our black tabletop and white electric lift table legs.
  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our whiteboard white tabletop and white electric lift table legs.
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  • Adjustable Height Desk shown with our cherry woodgrain tabletop and white electric lift table legs.
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Deluxe Standing Desk

$1,996.00 $1,396.00
(You save $600.00)

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Product Description

The Deluxe Electric Lift Table by Zero Gravity Tables

An innovative workspace platform that includes features like adjustable height technology and an interactive whiteboard surface. Keyboard arm and tray, CPU holder, basic monitor arm, front 110 power USB, and wheel kit all come included!

Pick from 4 Different Sizes 

  • 36" x 30"

  • 48" x 30"

  • 60" x 30"

  • 72" x 30"

Available in 4 Different Surface Colors

  • Whiteboard White

  • Gloss Black

  • Cherry Woodgrain

  • Maple Woodgrain

Choose from 2 Different Leg Colors

  • White

  • Black

Product Videos

Build the Best Customizable, Height Adjustable Standing Office Desk at Zero Gravity Tables

  • Build the Best...

Warranty Information

Adjustable height table elevates from 25" - 50" (or 28"- 53" with wheels) at the touch of a button. Our electric lift works quickly and seamlessly to the perfect sit to stand height for your comfort. Made with our exclusive interactive whiteboard surface that works with your own regular dry erase makers, you can brainstorm and take notes like never before.

Our advanced patent electromagnetic liner actuator system is the most energy efficient design available, running on a mere 12 volts of power. This delivers a smooth vertical force of 1334 newtons or (300 lbs).

The programmable dash board allows you to choose from 32 different heights that can be programed, so if you are sitting in the morning and standing in the evening or something in between you can find your favorite position and save it.

Sleek Design, Cable Management, Unique Whiteboard Surface. The design of Zero Gravity Tables is modern, sophisticated and sleek. Zero Gravity Tables has a unique cable management system within the monitor racks and table top its-self. The monitor racks have built in cable holes within the rods so cables are out of sight. Three desktop grommet holes provide excellent cable management. Keep your desktop looking clean and professional by sliding your cables through the holes to hide the tangle of cables. The under-desk cable management compartment keeps the chords off the floor and the mess out of site. Even when you lift and lower you desk, your cables are never pulled or stretched. Everything stays nearly in place and organized. Standing desks have never been so easy and useful, made better with our sleek design, cable management and unique whiteboard surface.

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  1. Absolutely Fantastic | Total Winer

    Posted by Marty on 10th Aug 2016

    All the features that are available, great set up and probably the BEST value of any adjustable height desk on the market. Also, look at the features....you need!

  2. Great standing desk, great price, and great service

    Posted by Kelly on 8th Feb 2016

    I purchased the longest model in white, with the dry-erase desk surface. The desk is solid, and a joy to use. The mechanism is reasonably quiet and does not seem to strain, even when lifting my four monitors and three CPU units. I really like the LED lighting strip under the desk for its generation of a pleasant, indirect light in the room. The customer service department was very helpful in response to my inquiries, and sent me everything I needed to get the desk just right for me. The price was very good compared with competitors; the free shipping sealed the deal.

  3. American Made and Well Worth It

    Posted by Brian Starr on 9th Dec 2015

    We recently purchased one of the desks for someone that needed to have flexibility in standing and sitting. We were so pleased at the ease of operation, the quality of the product and that it came with very little assembly required, that we purchased 5 more desks for our business.

    Everyone loves the desks and use them both standing and sitting daily.

  4. What a Great Purchase!

    Posted by John Houlihan on 7th Aug 2015

    My family uses the computer for schoolwork, browsing and gaming. 2 of us have back issues; the Zero Gravity table has really helped to accommodate us. I wish we had found this sooner. For people that do a lot of gaming online, this unit should be a priority.

    Reading the reviews is just like using Amazon; the customers tell you why you should or shouldn’t purchase a product, often specifically. Based on those reviews and talking with the “Chat” person we purchased the 48” Deluxe Standing Desk. It is called Deluxe for good reason. It is American made and it is just plain awesome! It came fully assembled aside from the wheels, no biggy. The frame is welded steel. The wheels are huge with 2 that can be locked (so choose where you want them when installing them). As mentioned by a previous reviewer the steel under-structure works great for tying cables and cords to the back if needed. As I want to be able to open our PC and vacuum inside I did not mount it in the carriage; I use it for the sub woofer on the speaker setup. Alas, no built-in coffee maker or draft beer setup, but that’s about all this unit doesn’t have! But I’m telling you this thing rocks! I can’t wait to show this to friends and relatives.

    The UPS Light Freight shipping was spot on, delivering the pallet within the agreed upon timeframe and rolling into our carport with a pallet jack; a great choice for carrier.

  5. Excellent quality, component and finish

    Posted by David Collins,USNRET, DV, WEAPONS TECHNICIAN on 28th May 2015

    30x70 design considerations, hardware design and storage. good finish and fit. Ability to modify, customize structure. Hardware stores neatly in unit fittings. Something that I appreciate. Standing or lying the unit is very adaptable and useful. I am not an engineer, just a life-long mechanic who has cussed a hell of a lot of engineers who thought they knew what they were doing. UNLIKE THIS ONE ( THANK GOD THEY SENT THE BEAN COUNTER HOME)

  6. Best desk and value among all I've seen...

    Posted by JDR on 28th May 2015

    I'm really pleased to have this desk; I go up and down with it several times per day. I have already recommended it to others. There are many features that are great; there are a few changes I would recommend.

    - The steel understructure and cable tray are very useful and adaptable. The wrap-around steel has holes that can be used for tie-wrapping wires or bolting on components.
    - The monitor arm is sturdy and tight, almost too tight. It will loosen up, perhaps. Getting it right is tricky, but then it won't need to move much at all.
    - The CPU holder is useful for holding a UPS unit if you don't have a big CPU.
    - The LED lighting is a nice touch, very useful for working on wiring underneath. The strip could be further back, but I see the reason it is where it is.
    - The memory function is straightforward, the operation is smooth.
    - The wheels! If I need to change the wiring, I can either raise the desk up high, turn on the light and work underneath, or I can pull the whole desk out to access the back. I have two computers and two monitors, with a KVM switch, speakers, an Ethernet switch, a USB hub, and a UPS unit, all mounted somewhere on this thing, and all are easily reached. I have a lot of wires, but this whole setup is very flexible.

    I'd tweak:
    - The control center overhangs the keyboard tray a little. I see why it's where it is, but I don't need it there. (I mouse left-handed.) So, I have moved it over a few inches underneath the left wing. It's not flush to the edge, but I can drop it down a little to make it visible. I just want it out of my way.

    - The power center overhangs the keyboard tray a little on the other side, which is a problem if you try to use it with a three-pronged plug or an adapter of some sort. I don't want the power center there at all; I'd prefer it flush on the right or left side. I will move it over like I did with the control center, but I'll face it outward. I don't need any power cords hanging out the front of the desk. Again, I see why it's where it is given the shape of the desktop, and it is symmetrical with the control center, but neither should be in the way of work.

    - The light switch is where I want to put the power center, but it occurs to me that the tiny switch could overhang the keyboard tray without being in the way. I'm going to put it where the power center is, noting that it is held on with double-stick instead of screws. Drat.

    - The keyboard tray is mounted too far back, limiting the flexibility of the mechanism. It would probably improve flexibility a lot to move it forward a half inch or so. I plan to try it.

    - Alas, the USB power is only sufficient for phones, not for older iPads.

    Again, these are only tweaks, most of which I can actually do without inflicting any damage. Note that the desk comes almost in one piece and it cannot be broken down very far, so it can be a challenge to move up stairs.

  7. Best Desk Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2015

    I have a really bad back with a previous surgery in the past and a major surgery coming up. This desk allows me to sit or stand very easily. The design is very functional. The white finish is very clean and sleek.

    Not sure how I survived before owing this desk. After looking at many online reviews and comparisons of standing desks I was very happy to find this desk with so many options already built in (plug and screen to keep wires contained and out of sight). I would buy this desk for any office I have in the future. All of my coworkers now want one also.

  8. Wow! Hard to Beat.

    Posted by Brandon on 18th Feb 2015

    The build quality, capability, size, and accessories for this table, at this good price, is amazing. Plus, it shipped all put together! I just added the great caster wheels before pulling it out of the box. It's a big box so be ready to receive it! But it's so much better than having to put it together. The cable tray and under table LED lighting are great features. The best is how tall and how low this table can go! Very versatile as I use this table/desk as a video editing and photography workstation inside a studio.

    My only feedback... make a version of the table with a tapered edge. I saw that feature in a competitor product and liked that a lot. Add an option for that, at your good prices, that would be the perfect table/desk. But this one, is close. Thanks for a great product!

  9. investment into health!

    Posted by joe laux on 25th Jan 2015

    Having looked at multiple sit to stand tables, I had found less expensive varieties but I knew this would be a long term investment in my health. A friend had the same table so I went with the recommendation and am very pleased. It quickly converts from the different positions and I love that you can save your settings. The cord minder keeps the clean look to it as well.

  10. Only regret is that I waited so long...

    Posted by Molly on 31st Dec 2014

    This table/desk is life-changing. I love standing as I work so much that in the two weeks since I set it up, my chair has gathered dust... I am a writer and spend long days at my desk and after several decades of sitting, sitting, siting, I needed a change.

    After shopping and reading reviews for over a year, I found Zero Gravity and bought the whole set up in less than 30 minutes. Quality workmanship, flexible options, excellent design, beautiful product, perfect packaging--I could go on and on. I opted for the 60"white top, black base, and included the keyboard tray, wheels. power pack and screen arm as options.(I will be ordering my second screen arm soon!)

    The presets for sitting and standing are easy to set and the movement so smooth and silent that you can leave your full coffee cup on the desk, no worries. The write-on, wipe off desk gets lots of compliments, and use. Love it.

    Set up is quick and easy. I literally unpacked the box off the pallet, removed the packing and had the attachments on, the desk plugged in, and was setting the height within an hour. Hauling off the packing materials was the only hassle, but these guys pack with such care, I can't complain. Not a scratch on this table!

    This product gets my highest recommendation. Excellent value and lovely desk. I ordered a gel mat, which was recommended by many and it makes the transition extra easy. Go ahead, buy one!!

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