Treadmill Exercise Desk Workstation Table


Zero Gravity Tables make the best treadmill desks! With our adjustable exercise computer desk, the optimal work environment for promoting improved health benefits is right here, right now. By providing the opportunity to consistently move your body throughout your work day, Zero Gravity Tables has created the best treadmill computer workstation available to help change a sedentary lifestyle into an active one.


Did you know that the average life expectancy is decreasing? It’s true. In today’s age of technology, we have become a workforce that sits at a computer desk for many hours each day, with studies indicating that as much as 90% of our day can be spent sitting. The adjustable exercise table from Zero Gravity Tables offers the chance to change that by allowing you to walk on a treadmill while performing basic office tasks. 

The human body was not designed to sit all day. If working at a regular computer desk has left you with an immobilized lifestyle, you’re at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and lower than average life expectancy. The regular use of a treadmill computer desk can have profound health benefits. The exercise computer workstation is basically a high-end, customizable work desk that can be adapted to give users the opportunity to walk on a treadmill while working. Immediate benefits from using a treadmill computer station include improved focus, concentration and productivity in the work place, and at Zero Gravity Tables, we’ve designed one of the best exercise computer desks on the market for that purpose. According to a study by James Levine at the Mayo Clinic, users can burn an estimated 100-130 calories per hour while walking on a treadmill at speeds below 2 miles per hour at a treadmill table. When work necessitates sitting in one place for prolonged periods of time, staying on the move with the best treadmill computer desk you can buy provides the solution for overall well-being.


The adjustable exercise desk from Zero Gravity Tables gives you the chance to elevate your mood, energy levels and productivity. Taking a regular office table and incorporating a precision-engineered, state-of-the-art, electric lift system, Zero Gravity Tables has created what is simply the best treadmill adjustable height desk you can buy. Our programmable dashboard with soft-touch buttons and illuminated LED height display allows you to obtain your optimal exercise computer station height within seconds, allowing it to be used with or without a treadmill. And our seamless, stop-off transition and highest quality long-lasting electric motor makes these the best adjustable exercise desks, with one of the fastest and quietest lift systems on the market. 

By crafting and designing an effective way for office workers to incorporate gentle exercise into their working day, Zero Gravity Tables has created the best treadmill tables available. But we wanted to take it further. When you buy an exercise computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables, you’re not only gifting yourself with all the inherent health benefits available from a treadmill computer workstation, you’re also investing in a modern, high-end addition to your personalized workspace. Our exercise adjustable height desk comes with 1000+ customizable features and configurations to assist you in putting together the most effective workspace possible. With custom accessories like CPU holders, adjustable keyboard trays and multiple monitor configurations, and the ability to choose the best exercise computer workstation shape, size and color for your work environment needs, you have the flexibility to create the perfect treadmill desk for you. It’s important to note that in order to prevent injury, treadmill desks require adhering to the same ergonomic recommendations that apply to any computer desk in terms of proper body alignment.


Adjustable exercise computer desks from Zero Gravity Tables are the ultimate merging of style, productivity management, and health promotion for your workspace. Humans were designed to move and to incorporate a full range of body movement throughout their day, and the American Medical Association agrees that sitting for extended periods of time can be bad for personal health. Specialized desk solutions like the exercise computer workstations from Zero Gravity Tables that encourage physical activity throughout the day can help with that. Researchers recommend daily exercise to promote a happier, more productive mindset and Zero Gravity Tables provides the best adjustable exercise table to achieve this. Studies of workers who sit for many hours show that those who take frequent breaks to move, by stretching or walking down the corridor, have smaller waists and show better fat and sugar metabolism. Simply put, without the use of a solution such as our treadmill computer workstations, sitting for long hours at work can lead to an overall reduction in your metabolism, and can lead to serious health issues like diabetes and obesity. Please be aware that the Zero Gravity Tables treadmill desks are not intended to provide aerobic exercise, but rather to keep the user’s metabolism above the basal metabolic rate. The recommended speed for walking on a treadmill, while working at a computer, is less than 2 miles per hour.

In a time when we’re expected and conditioned to sit for long hours, why not consider investing in a treadmill adjustable height desk from Zero Gravity Tables for the sake of your health? You owe it to yourself to discover what the best exercise computer desk from Zero Gravity Tables can do for you.