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About Us - Manufacturers of the Best Electric Lift Tables


As a Made In America company, we source all of our high quality materials right here at home.

Zero Gravity Tables is based in Los Angeles, California where we proudly make all of our tables. We are committed to you and creating better work space solutions for home and office.

Our team of engineers is working to revolutionize the way that you work - forever. Discover the many different variations of our American made, electric power lift office desks at Zero Gravity Tables. Click around and find out more about our amazing adjustable height tables that range in height from 25 - 50 inches to fit every need with many customizable add-on configurations to fit your specific needs. 

As a company, we offer the best choice for standing desks.

Our elevated desk and table work stations are customizable with a range of colors options. Our attention to detail with a front USB power ports make our office furniture functional. Find the best choice for sit to stand desks and tables at Zero Gravity Tables. 

And with you in mind, most importantly, our ergonomic solutions help support back health and posture. Elevated work stations can be customized with keyboard trays to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. And our tables help fight sitting disease and promote heart health. Our tables also meet the ADA's requirement for wheelchair accessible computer desks. Literally, our tables are for everyone.

Find out how Zero Gravity Tables is right for you. Learn more at http://www.zerogravitytables.com


We have been in the furniture business for over 15 years, we are proudly building the world's best electric power lift, height adjustable work tables. Zero Gravity Tables is committed to improving the lifestyle for millions of workers through chaning the way we work and interact with our desks. 
Evolving and re-design is the cornerstone of our business. Our Los Angeles based company had to re-engineer every aspect of a normal desk. We created dozens of designs before we finally found the perfect adjustable height desk. We wanted to create a workstation that solved many computer desk workers problems. Our desks improve overall health, make people more productive, give users more energy, help them feel better, and ultimately, our desks can help you live longer. 

When you make the change from a normal desk to an adjustable height desk you can feel the difference right away.

At a normal desk you will be uncomfortable, have aches, pains and lose energy throughout the day. We help you unlock your potential by standing up. You will notice enhanced focus, find yourself more productive and notice relief from back pain. We want you to have the freedom to move throughout the day from the sitting to standing as your body needs. Go ahead, give yourself the gift of an elevated desk.