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Scientific Research - Statistics - Harmful Effects Of Sedentary Life


Know Statistics About the Harmful Effects of Sitting Disease

scientific-research-about-sitting-disease-and-the-benefits-of-standing-computer-desks-for-work-and-office.jpgSitting Disease is a general term to describe the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Science is proving that the more time we spend seated, the more health issues we develop.

Even exercise is not enough; sitting too much can undo the gym benefits, leaving you still at risk. You can read more about this HERE.

Sitting down all day is dangerous for your health. "For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking..." said Martha Grogan, Mayo Clinic, Cardiologist. MD. James A. Levine is quoted, "Today, our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, and the cascade of health ills and everyday malaise that come from what scientists have named sitting disease.”

Heart Rate Statistics From Seated to Standing Work

heart-rate-sitting-vs-standing-stand-up-health-benefits-of-an-adjustable-height-computer-desk.jpgThere are major differences in the heart rates of people when sitting vs standing. When an average person is in a seated position, they average 79 beats per minute. When the average person is at a standing position, the average beats per minute is 89. This makes a big difference for people that stand even one additional hour throughout the day. You could burn more calories and have better stamina if you simply alternate between sitting to a stand up position at an adjustable height desk throughout the day.

scientific-findings-of-sedentary-lifestyles-life-of-sit-to-stand-desks-in-office-furniture-solutions.jpgPublished reports buy the American Medical Association wants employers not to make workers sit all day. The report says, “A person who works at a desk job might burn 300 calories during a work week. While those in jobs that require physical effort can burn 2,000 calories more. Sitting also harms circulation, leads to aches and pains and also increases the risk of diabetes, heart troubles and premature death...”

Metabolism Rate Statistics Show a Significant Increase In Calories Burnt While Standing

metabolism-rates-sitting-versus-standing-stand-up-computer-desks.jpgNot only does standing VS sitting increase heart rate, it also burns more calories. A person that works at a regular desk burns far less calories then those that alternate between sitting and standing. An adjustable height desk allows you easily move between a sitting to standing position to promote more movement and overall well-being in users of sit-to-stand desks. 

Moreover, employees want standing desks. Studies reveals that three out of four full-time employees of large companies wish they didn't spend most of their working hours sitting. You can read this article in full HERE.

Blood Glucose Statistics of People In Sitting Versus Standing Positions

blood-glucose-diabetes-diabetic-sitting-vs-standing-statistics-in-people-that-use-stand-up-computer-desks-at-work-in-office.jpgBurning more calories and increasing the metabolic rate in people that stand during work is an excellent benefit of standing desks. But deeper benefits of decreasing blood glucose levels is another major health benefit of a sit-to-stand desk. Researchers noted major difference in blood glucose levels between people seated versus standing. While it may not prevent or revers diabetes, standing can certainly help you maintain healthier blood sugar levels.

Using A Sit-To-Stand Computer Desk to Be More Active and Healthy

We recommend Zero Gravity adjustable height tables as a way to prevent sitting disease. A simple fix to your work environment can help you have a healthier, more active life. Learn more about standing desk solutions HERE.