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Electric Lift Power - Elevating Desks and Tables


Dream Drive

Inspired by automobiles, we designed our drive to be quiet, luxurious and smooth. Zero Gravity Tables is controlled by soft touch buttons that raises and lowers the work surface effortlessly and without loud, robotic noise. Our tables are some of the fastest in the market for quick changes and our desks are rated the amongst the quietist on the market. And never worry about jolting stops because our motors are designed with a seamless stop-off transition so everything on your desk-top stays exactly in place. 


Peek Inside

We can't give away all of our trade secrets, but we can brag that we have one of the best, completely hidden lift system. Camouflaged within our sturdy, steel legs, the streamlined aesthetic continues to every part of our design. Our electrical motor system meets our rigorous standards to insure that it lasts and lasts. Designing the electrical system within a steel case also means it's not susceptible to damage. Like an automobile we built this motor with safety, performance and design in mind. 


"Adjustable height desks are revolutionizing how we work forever. I feel more energized, I have lost weight, my productivity has increased. Alternating between sitting to standing at my desk with the touch of a button is so simple. I have noticed a huge difference in my lower back pain and having the right ergonomic design gives my whole body pain relief from my wrists to my hips to my knees. I wish I had bought one earlier. And I recommend them to all of my friends." Jason K., Carmel, IN