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Designing the Future with Revolutionary Stand Up Desk Solutions


Creating the New Standard for Sit To Stand Desks

Zero Gravity Tables took the normal, classic desk and reinvented it. We turned a standard desk into the best modern sit or stand desk solution. We have always incorporated technology into our office furniture but this time we were driven to make our furniture work with our bodies and improve our life. Driven by the desire to elevate the tabletop work environment, we reinvented our office desk to integrate your computer better into your life. 


Luxury, Modern Designed Standing Desks for Your Office 

Welcome to the #1 choice for standing desks - the revolutionary adjustable height Zero Gravity Tables Deluxe Desk. When you choose the best, power adjustable, electric lift desk you are getting the ultimate office furniture. With Zero Gravity Tables you will easily, simply glide up and down from sitting to standing in mere moments. Your correct ergonomic position is just seconds away as you alternate between a sit and stand position at your desk throughout the day. 


Ergonomic Office Furniture to Improve Your Life

Work place evolution made possible by technology. Our precision calibrated electric lift motor tables are good for you. Standing up desks are good for you. And we are proud to create the best for you. There is a lot of science and research that has gone into the study of standing verses sitting. We are all looking for solutions to our major health issues like heart disease, back pain, obesity and diabetes. And our standing desk solution is the easiest and hugely beneficial method to fight health problems and ward off disease. The most important part of an adjustable height desk is that you will increase your lifespan by simply standing up. Research proves that sitting all day shortens your life expectancy so make the change and help your lengthen your life. 


 Customizable Sit-To-Stand Desks for Computer Technology

With Zero Gravity Tables we merge the health benefits and increase your productivity simultaneously. Our incredible design means that you can still keep your hi-tech, computer driven work at peak performance. Our optimal designs give enhance and elevate your work experience and how you interact with technology. Experts recommend alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day. It's literally as simple as pushing a button to lift or lower the tabletop throughout the day. Standing as little as two hours will make a huge difference on your metabolism and boost your energy. 


Electric Lift Tables for Every Workspace

Zero Gravity Tables are available in a wide variety of colors and configurations. And as a US based manufacturer, you can customize standing desk to suit your unique space and style through a wide array of customizable add-on features and options. From CPU holders to multiple monitor configurations to adjustable keyboard trays, our standing desks provide the ultimate user friendly experience.  

Designing the best future for your life. Incorporate a standing, adjustable height desk in your office. Be forward thinking and promote creativity, productivity and well being with Zero Gravity stand up desk solutions.