How Sitting Too Much Causes Joint Pain

How Sitting Too Much Causes Joint Pain

Posted by Zero Gravity Tables on 15th May 2018

Joint pain is something that many people experience as they get older. Some of this is attributable to age while the much of it can be considered a consequence from a long-term sedentary lifestyle. 

There are different reasons that people end up with a sedentary lifestyle but for many it has to do with their work environment. If you work in an office setting, you are most likely seated for about 30 hours a week if you work a standard 40 hour work week. Then there is the commute to and from work, and also the sitting done after work hours. 

Knee, hip, and neck pain can all be caused by prolonged sitting. 

Both your posture and crossing your legs can cause some serious knee pain in the long run. Standing regularly, stretching, and regular exercise are all ways to combat this. 

If you have a sedentary lifestyle then you will probably notice with time that your hip joints begin to ache when you are in the seated position. This eventually also affects you when you move around and stand up/sit down. 

Neck pain is another common symptom that appears when you spend a lot of your time seated. This is another place where posture comes in to play. 

Source: Healthy Joints

Standing desks, proper posture, going for short walks throughout the work day, regular exercise and stretches all help prevent these challenges that so many people face today. If you work in a sedentary environment, check out our Tips for the Sedentary Worker blog post!