​What Is A Standing Desk Riser And Why You Need One

​What Is A Standing Desk Riser And Why You Need One

Posted by Zero Gravity Tables on 6th Sep 2019


While the majority of people sits down behind their desks, new information about health and productivity have pointed to standing desk risers as the perfect tool to improve your life. A standing desk riser is also known as a standing desk because you can only use it when you are upright instead of seated.

Their structure does not have to be complicated, but they should be versatile for multiple people to get the best benefits. Once you understand what one is and what it can do for you, the decision to purchase one and use it every day makes sense.

Standing Desk Risers Explained

A standing desk riser is not a complete piece of furniture on its own. Instead, it is a sturdy and sleek apparatus designed to be placed on top of an existing desk, table, or other flat surface. You can use one on your kitchen table, workshop a countertop, or in your office cubicle.

The variety of standing desk risers include:

  • Different sizes to fit on desks, tables, and counters
  • Adjustable settings to suit people of any height and posture
  • Styles that fit two monitors, a small laptop, separate keyboard drawers, and more

One of the most important characteristics of a quality standing desk riser is how easy it is to set up and adjust for your unique height and needs. Of course, everyone is a different size, and you need your stand up platform to be at the correct level for comfortable use. 

Consider an electric standing desk to help with positioning and hooking up your devices. One of the best options is the Zero Gravity Desk Top Riser. No muscles needed. It seems to float up and down into the perfect position just for you.

Why You Should Buy a Desk Converter or Riser Today

Besides the benefits to your workday that are listed above, standing up instead of sitting down provides a wealth of health-related advantages, too. A standing desk improves posture, which can help you look better and feel better throughout the day and for your whole life. It can contribute to stronger core muscles that are essential for combating back pain, mobility issues when you get older, and even things like digestion. An upright posture has even been linked to confidence and a positive impression on the people you interact with.

  • Sedentary lifestyles contribute to some major health problems such as:
  • Heart disease due to lack of regular cardiac exercise
  • Excessive weight gain due to less calorie expenditure
  • Blood sugar instability exacerbated by the above problems
  • Emotional and mood disturbances from low serotonin production

When all of these things come together in an automatic way just by standing up more throughout the workday, your overall health picture improves without the need for extensive exercise or time-consuming fitness regimen. Of course, these things still provide more benefits, but simply using a standing desk riser can help stave off potential problems for longer.

Simply standing up with the use of the riser is not going to cure any diseases or prevent things like diabetes or heart disease. However, every choice you make affects the body's opportunity to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible.

Researchers have studied the problems associated with sitting behind a desk for hours. Most people who work on computers or in other settings day after day. A new opportunity to get up and get moving has grown in popularity over the past few years. Standing desk risers, desk converters, and standing desks provide a multitude of benefits for anyone in this situation. Now that you understand what these helpful products are and how they can help you work and feel better, purchasing one should be a simple decision.