Maximizing the Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Maximizing the Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Posted by Zero Gravity Tables on 9th May 2018

  • Find the right height. Play around with the different heights that you can set your desk at. Both in the seated position and standing position, make sure that your desk is at a low enough height where you are able to comfortably rest your wrists on the pullout keyboard tray so that your shoulders do not tense up.

  • Use a flat keyboard. Using a flat keyboard will place your wrists in a natural, flat line and keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle which can help reduce the tension in your shoulders.     
  • Position your computer monitors at the optimal distance. The computer monitor(s) should be positioned so that they are even with your eye level and approximately 18 to 30 inches from your eyes.

  • Alternate between standing and sitting. Adjusting to working in the standing position may be challenging in the beginning! You may find yourself distracted or your feet and/or legs may hurt. We recommend that you alternate between sitting and standing in 30-minute intervals. This reduces the likelihood of straining your body by standing (or sitting) too much and gives your body a chance to adapt. Additionally, when you routinely alternate your position from sitting to standing, you are able to consistently activate your core and correct your posture.

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