How to Get a Doctor's Note for a Standing Desk at Work

Posted by Zero Gravity Tables on 13th Jun 2018

Are you feeling sluggish by lunchtime on Monday’s? Experiencing chronic joint pain or muscle tension? Or do you just want to be proactive in preventing these problems? Then you may benefit both physically and mentally from using a electric-lift standing desk or 
desktop converter.

Here’s the good news for all office worker bees: You can provide your employer with a physician's recommendation for a standing desk or electric-lift desktop converter!

What does that mean?

Well, with a doctor’s note you may be able to get your new standing desk partially or fully funded by your employer. This benefits you as an employee by relieving painful symptoms and promoting a healthier lifestyle, but also your employer because you’ll be healthier and more productive in the long run.

A few things to make sure your Doctor’s note includes:

The MD’s contact information
2. Your name and the reported symptoms/problems
3. How an ergonomic standing desk will address symptoms/problems
A professional, medical recommendation for a standing desk

Companies are quickly realizing the major expenses that come with employees being physically inactive and negatively impacted by chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Not to mention the costs that occur due to lower productivity levels. That’s why we recommend that individuals who are experiencing problems that can be alleviated with ergonomic furniture to seek a medical professional's opinion to see if a standing desk is the right solution. Your employer and body will thank you later!