​How Do You Use a Standing Desk Comfortably?

Posted by Zero Gravity Tables on 10th Sep 2019

How Do You Use a Standing Desk Comfortably?

In order to use your standing desk with maximum comfort, it might take a bit of time and adjustment to find the right level. You will not get all the benefits of use unless you can adjust it to your unique needs.

  • Select the appropriate height to your hands rest comfortably on the keyboard.
  • Elbows should be 90 degrees for optimal ergonomic positioning.
  • Relax your shoulders so they are in a resting position.
  • Make sure to have a straight back as well, posture is important!
  • Remember set your memory preset once your in optimal position.
  • Consider a padded floor mat to customize height and keep your feet comfortable.

The point of standing desk is to improve your posture and keep your body aligned comfortably. In the beginning, your back may feel soreness and stress because you are so used to slumping over your computer while sitting at a desk. Do not strain yourself, but work up to using the standing desk for longer periods of time gradually. Set small goal initially, 10 minutes every hours is a great start! This will allow your body the opportunity to receive all the benefits without exacerbating any problems you may already have.

What are the Work Benefits Of a Standing Desk?

Considerable amount of information has been gathered about how using a standing desk or riser can benefit your workday. It does not matter if you work for a big corporation with many desks shopped together in tiny cubicles, run your own business out of your home, or provide services in a workplace with more hands-on activities. If you use a computer for part or all of your day, adding in this type of desk converter will offer real benefits.

Increase productivity. People find that they work with increased focus when they are standing up. Part of this may be because they want to sit down again after they are done with their task. It may also have something to do with increased blood flow due to your upright position. Whatever the particular reason, you will get more done with increased efficiency in a shorter amount of time than ever before. Increase circulation and energy levels by standing periodically throughout the day. 

Standing desks particularly help in a work setting where you have to move around to different locations over time. These products are portable and flexible so you never have to be without your perfect set up. They are much lighter than an ordinary desk and can be set up in minutes.