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Balance Board

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Balance Board

Stay balanced throughout the day while improving your core strength and keeping your blood flowing. Our Ergonomically designed balance board will help reduce fatigue in you knees, hips and feet while standing. Each balance board is made with natural hard wood, an anti- scratch rubber base and an anti-slip pure PU layer to keep your feet in place. This sleek and versatile designed balance board makes a great addition to any standing office work space.

Product Features

  • 8.5° tilting angle.
  • Memory Foam Core.
  • Natural Hard wood with anti-scratch rubber base
  • Non-Skid Standing Surface
  • Textured pressure point massage design
  • Quickly Pair your workstation and phone via Bluetooth
  • Pair multiple devices and stay connected for next use
  • Seamlessly control your desk height from your device
  • Customize your preferred height presets
  • Effortlessly flip between presets with automatic drive
  • Set and track your fitness goals
  • Get movement reminders to boost health benefits
  • Compete with colleagues and encourage each other