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Zero Gravity Desks Meet ADA Standards in Height for Wheelchair Users

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Zero Gravity believes that everyone deserves a desk that works for them. We have a commitment to providing wheelchair accessible work tables for people with limited mobility. Never let anything hold you back. Our tables meet the standards of the Americans with Disability Acts. Although there are assorted sizes and styles of tables available for businesses, buyers may not see what there need when they review what is available. Making your office wheelchair ready and accessible is good business protocol. 

Whether they are looking for ergonomic tables that will suit workstations of employees or customized tables for particular business operation, they may need a custom solution. Our tables have a huge range of add-on customizations. Our keyboard arm and tray when attached to our adjustable height table can allow for the keyboard to rest at the perfect spot above a wheelchair users lap. The tray extends out and can be push under or swivel around for the perfect configuration. It's important for wheelchair users to have the same ergonomic support as everyone else. Our monitors be positioned at optimal eye level for people with limited mobility. Ergonomics are important for everyone but our tables allow for people with limited mobility to also benefit from proper ergonomic technology. 

What are Ergonomic Tables? Ergonomics is all about how the human body works and interact with different objects. Ergonomic desks are designed to avoid stress injuries of a repeated nature in users. Zero Gravity Tables meets ADA standards in height for wheel chair users to perform routine tasks with safety, efficiency and comfort. Unlike the case of a standard desk, our ergonomic furniture allows the table to work with the users exact height needs. 

Our table legs are far enough apart for people on wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices to have proper clearance and turning width. The tables can also have an add-on wheel kit that will allow the users to push the desk into position or away as needed. Adjusting the height of an ergonomic desk will help prevent wheelchair users from stretching uncomfortably or slouching to work on the desk. If a computer is to be used, accessories such as the monitor will stand tilted at the correct angle and the keyboard shelf placed at a particular height is recommended. ADA standard in height desks manufactured from Zero gravity tables are designed to prevent stress injuries in users. 

Ergonomic desk from Zero Gravity Tables have an adjustable height between 23 to 55 inches. Our electric lift control is easy to operate with one finger. This allows wheel chair users to adjust the table for different heights with limited mobility. It also allows more than one person to make use of the same desk. Our desks meet the Americans with Disability Acts standards, providing work surfaces suitable for users in wheelchairs. Our customized tables are used in business offices, classrooms, homes and many other environments. Our desks are produced from durable materials like stainless steel and have optional features which include adjustable height monitor racks and from USB power ports. 

Zero Gravity Tables is committed to making a difference in your life, no matter what your body needs. Learn more about making our desks part of your home or office by adding our standing desks to your lifestyle. Visit us online here - http://zerogravitytables.com