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The Zero Gravity Difference

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Zero Gravity Tables

Those who are looking for 21st century solutions to desk and table technology need look no further than Zero Gravity Tables. This unique company specializes in creating durable, practical office furniture that is adaptable to the workspace and provides options for those seeking to improve quality of work as well as their health.

Zero Gravity Tables has created table and desk units that are adjustable, upright and are ergonomically suited work whether standing or sitting. Made in America and crafted from the best materials so they are built to last, Zero Gravity Tables offers modern solutions to age-old office and health issues.

Sit to Stand Tables and Desks

Back pain is arguably the most common ailment for those who have to sit for hours on end while doing their work. Conversely, standing for long periods of time is not a healthy solution either. Fortunately, Zero Gravity Tables offers a simple and elegant solution with their products.

The site to stand tables and desks are easily adjustable and offer electric assistance to lift or drop back down to their original position. This means that you can adjust our tables and desks to your specific needs quickly and easily. We understand that the best solution for health and workplace efficiency is to allow people to sit and stand when they want, so our products are design to meet their needs.

In addition, our tables and desks come in different color combinations and use quiet electric motors that make adjusting as silent as it does quick to meet your needs.

Customizable Options

In addition to the items that we have in stock, we can provide you with a customized version to fit the workspace or the specific needs that you have for the unit itself. This service helps you get exactly what you want so that you can be the most productive during your day.

Our friendly, courteous staff will listen to your needs and incorporate the changes necessary to ensure that your new desk or table is customized so that it fits what needs to be accomplished.

Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Full Refund

For those who are not fully satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of the Zero Gravity Tables products, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. As long as the product has not been damaged in the return process, something that can be verified with the shipping company, we will return your money.

In addition, if there is any part on the product which is defective in terms of materials used or the workmanship in creating it, then it will be repaired or replaced once a photo has been submitted to our offices for proof. Our customer service line is open for you so we can answer your questions.

Why Choose Zero Gravity Tables?

Our company prides itself on providing the best in customer service when it comes to our products. However, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we have served.

Let us show you why more people are turning to Zero Gravity Tables to provide the best in office furniture to meet and exceed your needs.