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The Best Desks for People with Dwarfism and Work Tables For Little People

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Dwarfism is a medical condition that results in a short height which does not increase with age. Various reasons could lead to this condition, a few of which include inheritance, genetic mutation pituitary glands and chromosomal abnormalities, and metabolic or hormonal disorders. At Zero Gravity Tables we believe everyone, no matter what size, should have an excellent work environment.

There are various forms of dwarfism of which achondroplasia seems to be the most popular type. It occurs when the both parents of a child have average heights. Most of the time, the fact that both parents are of average height contributes greatly to this type of dwarfism. Finding office furniture for people with small frames can be difficult. We have the solution for computer desks and work stations because our tables lower with the touch of a button to a mere 23 inches in height. With out add-on keyboard arm and tray, the actual keyboard can be lowered an additional 5 inches for comfortable use as low as 18 inches. 

People that are short stature or little people know that the world is tailor made for persons of average height. They know that some things that are considered to be simple task for people with average height is usually difficult for people with short heights. At Zero Gravity, we want to create a table so there is a work environment for people short and tall and even useable by multiple users of all heights. Our one touch programmable dash allows you to quickly and easily raise and lower the desktop to fit most height requirements. 

Many little people can utilize in their own homes and offices. Zero Gravity Tables provides the best choice in electric power table that can lower to 22inches to suit the size of shorter bodies. This is perfect for families that have average people and little people in the same home. No need for multiple desks or awkward solutions, this is the ultimate solution for and height person. 

Sure, other furniture may also be modified for little people but that seems unnecessary with Zero Gravity Tables. Many times, climbing a chair is dangerous and having legs stick out straight is not comfortable.

Zero Gravity Tables is committed to making a difference in your life, no matter what height. Learn more about making our desks part of your home or office by adding our standing desks to your lifestyle. Visit us online here - http://www.zerogravitytables.com