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Multiple Monitors fo Multi Screen Computer Game Playing - Amazing Gaming Setup

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Multiple monitors is a term used to describe the use of more than one display device. This could be monitors, televisions or projectors. The reason why multiple monitors are preferred for running programs on a computer is due to increase in area which allows for increased productivity on the part of the user. Because of the popularity of this concept, it is been used increasingly by game developers, graphic designers and video editors on an ergonomic desk. There are also several games these days that support the use of dual monitors. However this has its own disadvantages as well.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of gaming with multiple monitors and some games that support the use of multiple monitors.


Especially when it comes to gaming, two monitors are better than one. The first benefit is that of screen space. The large screen space available to gamers gives them an improved gaming experience. Multiple monitors on height adjustable desk come in handy especially in games where there has to be more concern about horizontal landscape than vertical ones. By making use of multiple monitors, the gamer is able to have a broader view of what the characters in the game can view.

A practical example of gaming with multiple monitors on an electric power table is in World of War craft. This allows the user to perform the role of an avatar and has control over all the action of the avatar such as fighting, exploring, interacting with others, etc. This game can best be played with a multiple monitor on electric lift table which enhances the gaming experience of the gamer. Making use of Multiple Monitors offers the player the ability to view different aspects of the same game on different monitors without becoming confused or lose focus on the game instead of trying to view all the aspects on a single monitor.

Games that are compatible with multiple monitors.

There are lots of games that allow for the use of multiple monitors. Clear the swarm was the first game that was compatible with multiple monitors. The entry of this game into the market gave rise to many other games such as Supreme commander, Microsoft flight simulator2000, Burnout Paradise, World in conflict, Dirt2, Doom, World of war craft and Team Fortress found in the market which can be played with multiple monitors.