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Multiple Monitor Configurations for Designers to Work Better - Viewing Photoshop and Print Layouts

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When it comes to visual area, there is nothing as better than a dual monitor configuration. There are different brands available that manufacture monitors and Zero Gravity Monitor Racks work with most brands easily. 

Dual monitors are often considered to be 2 times more efficient at placing application windows before users. Huge monitor areas or dual monitors on an ergonomic desk can be useful when working with big size images. They serve the purpose of single tasking which can greatly increase efficiency. 

They usually say that they need 2 monitors to avoid switching back and forth between open windows. The task of a designer requires being able to multi task and that is where a 2 monitor configuration comes in handy.

One monitor shows the codes in eclipse while the other monitor shows a browser where tests can be carried out on whatever has been developed. The brain of a system's administrator works in a similar way, the difference being that they have to watch everything at the same time.

If you are the creative type that always comes up with new ideas to live by, you may not profit from having a second monitor screen. You may chuck another browser window or your email client to feel busy at all times. But you are not going to be more effective at what you are doing because of the steady stream of distractions that you will be faced with. If you are more like a practical person and a strategic thinker, you may want to have a 2 monitor configuration on a height adjustable desk to allow you multi-task more effectively. Effective multi-taking in this case means more effective performance at work.

There are many benefits attached to a 2 monitor configuration. Studies have shown that increased computer desktop space translates to greater productivity, faster work, and improved employee satisfaction. Many computer users will agree that there arises a certain amount of frustration related with continuous switching of windows.

With the decrease in the prices of multi-port video card and monitor, the probability of owning a multiple monitor is no longer reserved for the rich alone. There are lots of affordable possibilities and solutions for persons seeking to benefit from increased desktop space. 

Your first alternative to setting up a dual monitor is to have a multi port video card which supports multiple monitors. Many of the new mid to high end cards have a minimum of 2 out ports and will allow for 2 or 3 monitors while some specialized cards can support up to 4 cards.