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The Answer to Relieving Back Pain - Standing, Height Adjustable Desks

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In your office or workspace where you have to sit upright for long periods to do work, a dangerous health issue could be waiting for you. Sitting is a static state can degenerate our back muscles. Moreover, it is easy to find studies showing the correlation between long hours of sitting and health problems. Occupational physicians recommend the following formula to work ideally in the office: Maximum 50% in sitting position, approximately 25% of foot and about 25% in motion with always alternating between the different positions.

Some of the consequences caused by the sitting all day are: 

• Increased weight and abdominal fat

• Hypertension and depression

• Muscle aches

• High triglycerides in blood which leads to diabetes

• Heart and circulator problems

But here is a new idea which basically works on the principle of sit to stand in front of the computer or desk and can easily lift its top. This may something seems, at least at first, strange and unnatural.

What is the Zero Gravity standing desk?

Clearly we all know what the correct way to sit at the computer although we do not follow it and face many health problems. To avoid these problems, a concept appears to work standing instead of sitting in front of Zero Gravity standing desk. Obviously we have to adapt our working environment for this new position. For example, the desktop has to be higher; the screen must be at the eye level.

• Minimum requirements for standing desk

• Adjustable to change height that enables standing upright posture

• Desks should be movable

• Sufficient legroom

• You can connect external electric wires easily

The advantages of Zero Gravity Tables are higher energy levels and more calories burned. While standing, you burn 40% more calories than sitting, and about 2.5 hours a day on our feet eliminate 350 calories.

Working standing is the alternative that different people have found to be effective throughout history to fight fatigue and drowsiness associated with spending several hours sitting. The standing desks are new status symbol in Silicon Valley and are made in America. This furniture also extends its use among those who work several hours sitting giving quality of work and aim to combat the worst physiological and psychological effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Many Facebook and Google developers are following the same path including Scott Hanselman, Mark Zuckerberg and Linus Torvalds. To know more please visit http://www.zerogravitytables.com

The Answer to Relieving Back Pain - Standing, Height Adjustable Desks.