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Increase Your Lifespan by Years with this 1 Trick - Use a Standing Desk

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Did you know that sitting at your desk all day can increase the chances of death by more than 40%? The human body was not designed to sit down all day long. We have been hunters, gatherers and predators and our skeletal and muscular system supports standing up, not sitting down. Therefore, it must always be made sure that you pay great attention to your lifestyle. We understand that you sit at the office during the day and you don’t really find any other option for the same. However, now we have an option for you that would certainly be decreasing the risk of heart diseases, chronic pains and even the carpal tunnel disease. This option is called Zero Gravity Tables.

As you spend a huge part of your day in your office, sitting and working all day long, finding the right ergonomics for your body is really essential. When you stand up, you really do yourself a favor. Not only this, you would be able to avoid many chronic issues like neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain and even shoulder pain. When standing up can solve so many issues, why would you even think about sitting down. You need Zero Gravity Tables that can help you in improving your posture, giving a boost to the ergonomics of your desk and make sure that you remain a healthy and happy individual. These new kinds of tables can remove the old fashioned desks and can provide a completely new experience to the users. It can also help reduce the physical workplace stress for you.

With these tables, you would be able to make height adjustments with just a press on the electric button. You would be able to convert your regular sitting desk of 25” to a 50” standing desk within just a few seconds. Simply bring these rust and scratch proof tables in your office and you would be glad that you took a step towards improving your health. The good thing about these tables is that they come with cable management solutions as well. Therefore, you would never have to worry about messy wires and cables ever again. The tables have been designed while keeping the human body ergonomics in mind. This is the reason why they come with reinforced steel footings that can be teamed up with wheel accessories as well. You get a number of color and customization options as well, so that every table is designed for an individual.