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Customer Reviews and Photographs of Zero Gravity Tables

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Jennifer - "I have a really bad back with a previous surgery in the past and a major surgery coming up. This desk allows me to sit or stand very easily. The design is very functional. The white finish is very clean and sleek. Not sure how I survived before owing this desk. After looking at many online reviews and comparisons of standing desks I was very happy to find this desk with so many options already built in (plug and screen to keep wires contained and out of sight). I would buy this desk for any office I have in the future. All of my coworkers now want one also."

treadmill-office-computer-desk-furniture-for-health-and-weightloss-sit-to-stand-adjustable-height-table-copy.jpgsit-to-stand-desk-standing-office-desks-adjustable-height-computer-table-furniture-copy.jpg height-adjustable-standing-desk-computer-office-solution-for-back-pain-relief-copy.jpg

Billie - "I absolutely love this desk. I've had it several months now. I enjoy the standing and sitting. I also especially love making notes on my whiteboard desk top."

Brandon - "The build quality, capability, size, and accessories for this table, at this good price, is amazing. Plus, it shipped all put together! I just added the great caster wheels before pulling it out of the box. It's a big box so be ready to receive it! But it's so much better than having to put it together. The cable tray and under table LED lighting are great features. The best is how tall and how low this table can go! Very versatile as I use this table/desk as a video editing and photography workstation inside a studio. Thanks for a great product!"

quad-computer-monitor-system-mount-rack-rail-for-office-furniture-stand-up-desk-standing-desks-electric-lift-1.jpg 4-monitor-desk-multi-monitor-computer-desks-configuration-standing-or-sitting-table-office-copy.jpg multi-monitor-computer-desk-rack-rail-configuration-4-monitors-mounted-sit-to-stand-adjustable-height-standing-desk-solution-copy.jpg

Molly - "This table/desk is life-changing. I love standing as I work so much that in the two weeks since I set it up, my chair has gathered dust... I am a writer and spend long days at my desk and after several decades of sitting, sitting, siting, I needed a change.

After shopping and reading reviews for over a year, I found Zero Gravity and bought the whole set up in less than 30 minutes. Quality workmanship, flexible options, excellent design, beautiful product, perfect packaging--I could go on and on. I opted for the 60"white top, black base, and included the keyboard tray, wheels. power pack and screen arm as options.(I will be ordering my second screen arm soon!)

The presets for sitting and standing are easy to set and the movement so smooth and silent that you can leave your full coffee cup on the desk, no worries. The write-on, wipe off desk gets lots of compliments, and use. Love it.

Set up is quick and easy. I literally unpacked the box off the pallet, removed the packing and had the attachments on, the desk plugged in, and was setting the height within an hour. Hauling off the packing materials was the only hassle, but these guys pack with such care, I can't complain. Not a scratch on this table!

This product gets my highest recommendation. Excellent value and lovely desk. I ordered a gel mat, which was recommended by many and it makes the transition extra easy. Go ahead, buy one!!

healthy-office-furniture-standing-desk-sit-stand-up-office-desks-computer-furniture-for-health-copy.jpg standing-office-desk-regular-desks-height-adjustable-table-stand-up-office-furniture-copy.jpg stand-up-desk-for-home-office-height-adjustable-electric-lift-rise-lower-sit-stand-computer-table-copy.jpg

Dennis - "For good or Ill, since retiring, I spend MORE time at my computer. Still a Gamer by inclination and addicted to research by habit - the hours melt away.

This wonderful hi-tech desk gives me space, an ability to STAND UP and continue, sit down and be comfortable, add a cushion to my chair and adjust. It eased the continuing struggle for places to connect my gadgets and their offspring - to some degree removing power and USB cables from view and fending off their snatches at my heels.

While the largest investment I've made in a desk for home, it is by far the best I've made."

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Dual Monitor Screen Desks that Enhance Graphic Designer's Day

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Standing Desks that Help Artists Maintain Creativity and Flow

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Sitting All Day is Horrible for Your Health

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Ultimate Gaming Set-Up With Zero Gravity

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Portable Desks and Multi-User Tables - Adjustable Height Standing Desk

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The Answer to Relieving Back Pain - Standing, Height Adjustable Desks

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