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Adjustable Height Drafting Table

Height adjustable drafting tables by Zero Gravity Tables: transforming the work environment for Architects, Designers, and Artists!

At Zero Gravity Tables, our mission is to design and produce the highest quality adjustable height drafting tables that can be used at home and/or at  work. With the touch of a button, the Zero Gravity Tables drafting desk moves from a sit to stand position with ease, allowing both professional and hobbyist creatives to achieve a higher level of comfort and productivity. Zero Gravity Tables is dedicated to help in preventing and reducing physical stress that can occur at the workplace.

Unleash your creativity with the most innovative stand up drafting desk on the market!

By converting quickly and quietly from a sit to stand position and back again, the standing draft desk from Zero Gravity Tables encourages you to move and change your body positioning which can lead to greater core strength, increased blood flow, and higher energy levels. When a designer works in a standing position with the help of a standing draft table, there is more freedom of movement for the hands and shoulders which can decrease the chances for fatigue. Prolonged periods of sitting can cause your metabolism to slow down, particularly after eating a meal but by regularly alternating between sitting and standing with the help of a sit-to-stand drafting table, you can keep your metabolic rate up and increase the flow of creative thinking!

Designers of all types love the precision of the electric lift system in our Zero Gravity Tables height adjustable drafting desk: the smooth and efficient operation has been rated as one of the fastest and quietest systems on the market. Our programmable dashboard with four height settings and LED height display raises and lowers your draft table effortlessly while our proprietary motor incorporates a seamless, stop-off transition so that you never have to worry about jolting stops. Everything on the work surface of your height adjustable drafting table stays perfectly in place. We have even managed to preserve the aesthetic appearance of our adjustable height drafting tables by keeping the electric lift system completely hidden from view within the sturdy steel legs. The advanced technology offered by the sit-to-stand drafting desks from Zero Gravity Tables will transform your approach to creativity and design forever!

Art & Technology Come Together in One Incredible Combination

One of the biggest benefits to buying a sit-to-stand drafting table from Zero Gravity Tables is the option to have it built to suit your personal creative space needs. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, we have the flexibility to give you control over the customization of your creative work area, and you can shop for the shape, size, color and accessories you want in order to create the perfect adjustable height drafting desk. Many design professionals are known to work with a dual monitor set-up for increased physical and creative flexibility: Custom monitor mounting racks and configurations for single or dual computer screen set-ups is just one of the 1000+ customizable configurations that are available for our deluxe stand up drafting desks.

  • Touch-of-a-button electric adjustment from sitting to standing: adaptable from 24” to 50” within seconds, and 300 lb. lifting capacity
  • Scratch-resistant platform on our standing art table offers a work surface that switches from completely flat to a 45 degree angle, with many angles in between available
  • Under-desk cable management solution allows our standing draft table to keep cords and cables off of the floor and out of your way
  • The unique interactive surface of our whiteboard stand up drafting table allows you to use dry erase markers for notetaking and brainstorming!
  • Customizable features and configurations e.g. four sizes and four surface color finishes to allow you to enhance any creative space

As with all of our products, the adjustable height drafting table is Made in America using sustainable materials and eco-friendly techniques. Zero Gravity Tables offers a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee that is complemented by a lifetime warranty.