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We Are Zero Gravity Tables - The #1 Choice for Standing Desk


Expertly crafting the #1 choice for electric lift, power adjustable height desks has been our mission from the beginning.

From day one, Zero Gravity Tables set out to be the favorite standing desk for your office. We want to change the way you work forever and inspire health and well being in every work place. Our dedication to the customer experience and ergonomic performance is unparalleled. We seek to innovate, incorporate technology, simplify your life and promote productivity daily. We want to re-design the look of the classing office with a stationary desk and give you freedom of sitting and standing throughout the day. We set the standards for standing desks and adjustable height tables and we are committed to you. 

Zero Gravity Tables Mission Statement & Core Values

The Zero Gravity Tables mission is to create eco-friendly, ergonomic, productive, luxury designed electric lift, adjustable height, standing desk solutions. Our power sit to stand desks improve health, wellbeing and advance the way we interact with our technology and engage in the workplace. As a company we are founded on the customer experience and we value everything that we do.

  • Communication with our customers.
  • Creativity and innovation in our designs.
  • Promoting eco-friendly manufacturing processes. 
  • Attaining ergonomic perfection. 
  • Making luxurious and valuable standing desks.

When you select the perfect new office desk for you, consider many issues that should be addressed when upgrading your life. At Zero Gravity Tables we had to re-work, re-create, re-image every part of the conventional sitting desk. We had to pull apart what we normally consider when designing furniture and innovate how our desks are built, used and strive to better integrate electrical power and technology. As we deconstructed the desk, we paid attention to our engineers process. 

Our Engineers Goals to Create the Best Standing Desk

  • Create a standing desk to improve users health. 
  • Make a desk to enhance productivity. 
  • Design with ergonomic support as the main focus. 
  • Innovate and harmonize with technology. 
  • Create a beautiful, modern design. 

When deciding about investing in a new desk we want you to think of it as an investment for life. Really think about the difference it will make for you. As you sit there reading our website at a conventional desk you can probably feel yourself having aches and pains. You can feel yourself getting restless, perhaps you are uncomfortable and your energy is just not up to par. Before technology became a main focus of our lives people moved around throughout the day. As we have become more reliant on computers we have also become more glued to our desks. When you invest in a standing desk you free yourself to move, to be active, to stand, yes still be productive and get work done. 

Reasons to Invest in the Best Adjustable Height Table

  • Increase life expectancy. 
  • Have more energy and feel better. 
  • Our desks will last for many years, so an initial investment in superior quality will pay off. 
  • Priceless on ergonomic support. 
  • Be more productive. 
  • Love your work environment again. 
  • Feel free, be able to move again. 

Our standing desks help have the freedom to move. The typical adjustable height desk is poorly designed with horrible hand cranks or dangerous designs and exposed motors and wires. These ugly desks have a stigma that we have worked to get rid of. Our adjustable height desk is the result of years of hard work, innovation, and an obsessive attention to detail, we set the standard and make a huge design difference. Zero Gravity Tables worked diligently to make sure that our designs were modern, fresh and innovative. We wanted our desks to be safe, ergonomic and moveable. We wanted to create a desk that we wanted to work at. And our standing desk is the best choice in adjustable height, sit to stand tables. Our cable management is the best on the market and give our electric lift desks technology at your fingertips.

Our Company Will Always Provide the Best to You
  • Superior Standing Desks.
  • Sleek, Modern Designs. 
  • Technology and Forward-thinking Benefits. 
  • Standing Desk Solutions.
  • Ergonomic Comfort. 

Our Los Angeles manufacturing plant is our crowning achievement. We are dedicated to promoting and providing made in America jobs and materials. Our factory is located in the industrial area in where we are able to employe Southern Californians' right in our own back yard. All of the Zero Gravity Tables adjustable height desks are designed and manufactured right here in the heart of California's biggest city. 

Change your life for the better, incorporate a standing desk into your work environment. It’s now easier then ever to enjoy a modern lifestyle while rewarding your mind, body and soul with adjustable height desks. Select Zero Gravity tables for the #1 choice in standing desk for your office.