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Standing Desk Ergonomic Support and Cable Management


Standing desks and adjustable height tables are our specialty.

We bring you what you really need to be more comfortable, productive and creative throughout the day. Transitioning from sitting to standing throughout your workday has never been easier. But better yet, we have enhanced the user experience with the largest selection of customizable features and add-ons. We are proud to bring you multi-functional, multi-user, multi-monitor configurations to suit your exact height adjustable office desk needs. 


Quality, Fast, Power Adjustable Height Desks.

Who doesn't love a desk that works with them? And who wants to bother cranking or lifting heavy tabletops. Small risers only help to a certain degree and frankly look silly. We like to think of our desks as a productivity station. And we like to think of ourselves as the ultimate adjustable height desk solution. We want to show you how an adjustable height desk will change your life for the better. Finally, technology is matching our work needs and being incorporated into our ergonomic office solutions. Our adjustable height desks will help you life a more comfortable, successful, reliable tabletop platform to reward your mind, body and creativity!

Our ultimate standing desk provides superior ergonomic support and cable management solutions to your work space. In doing so we also boost productivity at work.

Zero Gravity Tables Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray Platform

The extra large, rounded Zero Gravity Tables keyboard platform achieves perfect wrist placement. Unlike our competitors, our keyboard arm and tray is large enough to fit a full size keyboard and mouse. Having a mouse next to your keyboard is fundamental to your work space and we kept that in mind when designing our extra large ergonomic tray. Our engineers crafted a beautiful shaped platform based on years of ergonomic research to create the ultimate platform. Our large tray quickly adjusts by hand on both vertical and longitudinal axes. Our arm extends so that you can push the keyboard tray under the desk our of view or pull out to meet you in the perfect sitting or standing position. The arm is the best on the market as it swivels 180 degrees to meet you wherever you work from. The keyboard tray will rest comfortably in your lap in the seated position or adjust perfectly to your standing position. Our keyboard arm literally accommodates any sitting or standing position so your wrists are never strained or over extended to protect your fingers and hands. Our easy to use levers and controls are out of sight to maintain clean lines and great design of your Zero Gravity Table. Our keyboard arm and tray are also finished beautifully with aluminum trim to harmonize with the design of the desk.


Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray Integrated Design

  • Adjusts easily and quickly. 
  • Push the tray out of sight when not in use. 
  • No unsightly controls. 
  • Enough space for a full size keyboard AND mouse.
  • Platforms are constructed with the same material as the desktop to match perfectly.
  • 180° Swivel Range 
  • -15° - 10° Angle Range 

Innovative Modesty Pannel Cable Management Solution for Height Adjustable Desks

At Zero Gravity Tables we want our adjustable height desks to be as functional as they are beautiful. Modesty panels are installed on all of our desks for more then just privacy. They also conceal and cover electrical cables. With the modesty panel at the back of the desk, our excellent cable management system keeps everything nice and clean. Every cable and wire from your technology can be re-routed through our desktop grommets and inside of our monitor rail systems into the steel cover that easily hides them from view. No more fighting with a tangle of cables. No more clutter or unsightly mess of dusty cables. Simplify and modernize simultaneously. What's better then having a clutter free, clean desk? And our modesty panel is created using small holes for temperature control to allow good air flow to your expensive technology. 


Cable Management Tray and Modesty Pannel

  • Streamline the technology. 
  • Mask the mess of cluttered cables. 
  • Simplify your power cables into one place. 
  • Elegant design to simplify your style.
  • Standard feature on all desks. No extra cost, unlike our competitors. 
  • Superior design. 

Deluxe Ergonomic Monitor Arms, Rails and Racks for Stand Up Desks

Zero Gravity has the widest selection of monitor arms, rails and racks allow a dynamic monitor setup. Our multi-monitor solutions allow for single, dual, triple and quadruple set-ups. All of our monitor arms allow for you to mount any standard LCD computer screen (up to 24 inches) and be able to swivel 360 degrees. All of our single systems allow you to move up to 20 inches in either direction while freeing valuable space on your desktop. We believe that as you sit and stand throughout the day with your adjustable height desk you should also be able to have the perfect view of your monitor for the ultimate ergonomic benefits. When you are in the sitting or standing posture, our monitor arms allow you to easily and quick reposition the screen to your perfect height and angle. Our monitor set-ups are simple to install in any of our three tabletop grommet holes. They work seamlessly and harmoniously with our desks to allow you ultimate configuration flexibility and all of the arms have a slot for cable management solutions to keep your design clean and clutter free.


Build the Ultimate Monitor Arm, Rail and Rack Set-Up

  • Easy, flexible movement.
  • Super simple instillation.
  • Swivel capacity. 
  • Adjustable up and down heights.
  • Numerous customized options. 
  • Single, dual, triple and quadruple options. 
  • Multi-monitor setups for multiple users. 
  • Works on most standard LCD computer monitor screens.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Cable management solutions within arm.

Electrical Cable and Power Management for Electric Lift Standing Desks

We know how valuable and irreplaceable your technology and electronic equipment is. We have designed our desks to provide premium power protection for all of your computer devices. Our premium power solutions that elevate the desk are also incorporated into the design of how you can easily power your electronic devices. Our technologically advanced circuitry and excellent construction deliver the best defense agains power surges, unexpected power spikes and AC contamination. Our power ports are completely hidden from view but still accessible. With our desks you only need one electrical outlet to connect the desk unit to the wall. The eight serge-protected electric outlets within the desk design give you ample power within the desk to connect your computer and other electronic devices to. The power source is hidden out of view and a simple, single power chord is connected to a wall outlet to maintain the sleek, modern, sophisticated design. With all of your computer and electronic cable in one place, cable management has never been easier. 


Superior Cable Management and Power Configurations

  • Onboard power ports. 
  • Manage multiple cables and electronics in one place. 
  • Eight surge protected AC electrical outlets. 
  • Smart design and precision placement. 
  • Well spaced outlets with one feeder chord. 
  • Camouflaged location for modern aesthetics. 
  • Simple plug and play. 

Deluxe CPU Holder for Standing Desk Solutions

Harness the power of great design to benefit you and your technology. Our deluxe CPU holder for standing desk solutions integrate perfectly with most sizes of desktop computers. Our super strong CPU holders cradle and contain your computer and mount to the bottom of the tabletop and moves with the unit. Clear your floor space and add a clean, organized look to your office. The Zero Gravity Tables space-saving CPU holder design reduces clutter while providing convenient access to rear CPU ports. Not only is it a great organizational tool, but elevating your CPU reduces internal contamination and extends equipment life. Our modesty panel has holes for ventilation and air flow. Having your CPU elevated from the floor reduces the risk for damage to the unit. 


Standing Desk Adjustable Height CPU Holder Add-On

  • Protects CPU unit.
  • Integrated design. 
  • Moves up and down with tabletop.
  • Extends the life of equipment. 
  • Cleans and organizes office space. 
  • Cable management. 
  • Back Plugs and USB ports easier to access. 

We are proud to bring you the best standing desks with maximum ergonomic support and excellent cable management solutions. We believe that having a healthy work environment and clean design promotes productivity and wellbeing. Learn more about our adjustable height, electric lift tables HERE