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Stand Up Desks Are A Life Saving Solutions to Sedentary Lifestyles


Take a Stand for Your Health! Stand Up Desks Are Simple, Life Saving Solutions to Modern Seated Sedentary Lifestyles


Health Problems Caused By A Sedentary Life - Sitting Disease


What do you do every day? If you  are like the millions of Americans, you are spending long hours sitting at an office desk every day. Then when you go home you sit all night. You sit at the dinner table, you sit in front do the television, you sit at a bar and you sit in a car. Our lifestyles are sedentary and sitting all day is the norm. Sadly, sedentary lifestyles and sitting all day is slowly killing us. Obesity, heart disease, circulatory problems, back pain, are all caused in part by sitting disease. 

Health Solutions To Have a Longer, Better Life


Simple fixes to your lifestyle will help you live longer and better. Health and well being are instrumental to a happy, productive, meaningful life. When you use a stand up desk you are helping to fight sitting disease, burn more calories, decrease back pain and increase energy. Standing up at work throughout the day at your standing desk will benefit you for life. Make the change, take a stand, invest in your health with an adjustable height desk. Learn more!

Scientist Agree that Adjustable Height Desks Are Beneficial 


Scientists have discovered that the best thing you can do for your health is to stand up. Researchers and studies agree that introducing a stand up desks in your office will improve overall health and possibly save your life. Polls prove that alternating between a sit down to stand up position throughout the day will also help you increase productivity, feel more energized and provide better ergonomic design for your whole body. With electric lift motors, an adjustable height desk has never been easier.

Maximize Sit-To Stand Desk Benefits with Easy Lifestyle Changes


  • Move more. Walk more. Stand more. Looking for tips to make simple lifestyle changes? Then start by walking more during the day at work.
  • Don't be glued to your desk. Get up and talk to coworkers rather then calling someone down the hall or writing an email.
  • Take a short walk town through the office will get your blood flowing and enhance communication. 
  • Do some cardio exercises by simply taking the stairs up and down. Resist the urge to step into an elevator. 
  • Make an effort to a stand up when you are on the phone. Before you answer the phone, train yourself to stand up first like an alarm. 
  • Set a timer to buzz trough out the day as it reminds you to move more. When your timer goes off alternate between sitting to standing.
  • Ramp up the length of time you stand as your body becomes better able to stand for longer times. Try standing as much as you possibly can.
  • Stretch and breath as you stand at your desk. Feel your back aches and hip pains diminish over time with an adjustable height table. 
  • Before you leave work make sure you stand for 20 minutes before heading to your car to drive home.
  • If you take public transportation stand up for as long as you can on the subway or bus. 
  • Stand up during commercial breaks when you watch television and stand up to change the channel.
  • Before you sit down for the evening to watch a movie, go on a walk or take the dog out for at least 15 minutes.