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Sit To Stand - The Best Electric Lift Tables & Desks


Design Impacts Your Life

Stand up for your health. The single most important thing in picking your standing desk is getting the ergonomics down properly. Standing helps your health, but standing at your computer the wrong way can give you back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain. It’s pointless to stand all day but make yourself feel worse by doing so. Get the right set-up. At Zero Gravity Tables, we have the best solutions for your workplace. 


Zero Gravity Tables is dedicated to you and the human experience. Everyone that works at desks has experienced chronic back pain, some suffer from hip and leg problems over time and many deal with carpal tunnel syndrome that is painful and problematic. Erase these problems with the right workspace solution. Zero Gravity Tables are the solution. We are dedicated to helping prevent and reduce physical workplace stress with our designs and make your environment more focused and productive by eliminating painful old fashioned desks.