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Health Benefits of a Stand Up Desk and Ergonomic Office


There are numerous positive health benefits of a stand up desk. 

In the computer age where technology binds us to a monitor, we have become a workforce that primarily sits all day at a computer desk to preform our job responsibilities. But we have to be responsible for our life beyond work and elevate the way we do things for our overall well being. Health is often overlooked for wanting to achieve more productivity, yet ironically, being glued to our seats is literally killing us. 

effects-on-the-body-caused-by-sitting-all-day-long-stationary-worker-sedentary-life-lifestyle-dangers-on-health-and-life.jpgTo be more creative, more productive and resourceful, we really need to be up on our feet, standing and alert at our desk.

In today's life many of us spend up to 90% of our time sitting to watch television, sitting in traffic, sitting at work on the computer, sitting at meals, sitting while playing video games, you get the idea. And when we are not sitting we are laying down to sleep. It's no wonder that many of us don't get enough exercise, we are conditioned to sit. To reverse this is simple. Stand upright at work or switch from siting to standing throughout the day to improve circulatory health, curb sitting disease, relieve back pain and generally feel more alert. Health is the most valuable commodity in the world. You can't trade your health for anything, it is the most important part of a life.

sitting-eating-obesity-heart-attack-killer-from-sedentary-lifestyle.jpgResearch is showing that sitting disease is contributing to major health problems our sedentary lifestyles are creating.

Some of our health issues are severe. If you are sitting right now you have cut off blood flow to your legs. You may experience tingling, numbness, hip pain and lower back fatigue. Blood clots, restless leg syndrome, sitting disease and so much more is attributed to sitting day in and day out. 

Feeling fat? Well sitting down is also shown to weaken our core muscles and expands our butt and thigh region. An important enzyme, Lipase - which breaks down fat in our blood stream - reduces to almost nothing when you are sitting. The body goes into fat burning hibernation when you don't move or use muscles. Have excess belly fat? A major contributing factor to belly fat is prolonged sitting. Your core muscles are simply not working, they become dormant and dormant muscles break down over time and fat collects easier in these areas. Your thigh and butt area becomes a nest for excess calories and fat forms from the stationary lifestyle. It gets progressively harder to feel energized when you are sitting most of the day because your literally making yourself tired from lack or movement. 


When you sit for long periods your breath shortens as your lungs shorten from the sitting posture.

Breathe better. Think about it how most singers stand up to preform. Breathing oxygenizes the blood and makes you feel more alert and refreshed. Boost metabolism. Sitting all day dramatically increases your risks for diseases. Sitting has been proved to have a negative effect on your metabolism and cholesterol levels. Workers that sit at a desk job for most of their lives are more then 50% likely to suffer heart attacks. Sitting is also linked to higher rates of heart disease and obesity. 

Stand up to fight heart disease now. Live a longer, healthier life by taking a stand. 

Don't be a statistic. More than 47 million adults in the United States have metabolic syndrome. 25.8 million people are struggling with diabetes. Obesity has doubled in the last 30 years and surveys indicate that 1 in 3 American are obese. Here is how you can be proactive for your health. Stand up. Standing for 15 minutes each hour will have enormously beneficial health effects. Set a timer on your cellphone to remind you to alternate from sitting to standing positions throughout the day while you are at work. You will find that you feel more energized and internally you will be boosting your metabolism. 


Standing might even help you shed some extra pounds.

Standing burns an an extra 69 calories each hour. If you work in 2 hours of standing into your daily routine you could lose 20 pounds over a year. The more you stand the more you will lose. Don't worry, you don't have to exhaust yourself standing for 8 hour, physical therapists, trainers and doctors agree that alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day is beneficial to your health and well being. Investing in a sit-to-stand desk is a great investment you make for your life.