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Features and Benefits of Standing Office Desks


Features of All Zero Gravity Tables Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Tables



- Touch-of-a-button electric adjustment & height adjustable from 25" to 50" within seconds. 
- Durable scratch and rust resistant surfaces. 
- Easy to read out-of-the-box set-up instructions. 
- Cable management solutions & 300 lb lifting capacity per unit. 
- Reinforced steel footings or wheel accessories & customizable accessory configuration options. 

Our customers love our interactive tabletop surface to use with dry erase markers for note taking and brainstorming. Under-Desk Cable Management - Keep those pesky cords neatly tucked away and off the floor, out of your way. Nevamar Coated American Steel Legs - Our steel is sourced from right here in the States, and it is Nevamar powder-coated in our factory to give you the sturdiest, scratch resistant frame for your table.Brused Aluminum Trim for a sleek, modern design made with quality materials. Programmable Soft Touch Dashboard for Height Adjustment - This table's electric height adjustment system works quietly and effortlessly. A push of the button will adjust the surface up to 50 inches, down to 24 inches, and any height in between. There are pre-programable height buttons and a digital LED display let's you see exact measurements as you go from sitting to standing. 

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Benefits of a Sit-To-Stand Table - 

Zero Gravity Tables are dedicated to you and the human experience. Everyone that works at desks has experienced chronic back pain, some suffer from hip and leg problems over time and many deal with carpal tunnel syndrome that is painful and problematic. Erase these problems with the right workspace solution. Zero Gravity Tables are the solution. We are dedicated to helping prevent and reduce physical workplace stress with our designs and make your environment more focused and productive by eliminating painful old fashioned desks. 


Get Standing, Get Moving, Get More Out of Life! Studies show that sitting at work all day is one of the most dangerous things you can do for your health. Among issues like sitting disease, high blood pressure and heart disease, sitting is painful on your back. Using our standing desks can help reduce these effects and correct health problems. Changing your body positions with an adjustable height desk can have many positive standing desk benefits like increasing use of core strenght and abdominal muscles. Standing upright can help you maintain and use your important back muscles. Moving thoughout the day can help your circulatory system and promote heart health. Standing at work can improve your mind, body and soul.