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Designed and assembled in the USA - Quality Built Height Adjustable Tables


Our product design process begins at our Los Angeles design shop and culminates in the finished product we sell here at Zero Gravity Tables. No detail is overlooked. Style and innovation are encouraged.

Unlike virtually all of our competitors, we design and assemble all furniture items right here in the United States using only the best raw materials. We test our products using the latest BIFMA standards to insure absolute safety and stability. All of our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in the USA, so we are exceptionally easy to reach should you have any questions or require service.


Here are some of our glowing reviews from American workers that use Zero Gravity Standing Desks:

"I couldn't wait to try this to help relieve my back pain. After just a few days I could feel a big difference. Zero Gravity Tables converter me to a stand-up desk user for life. Thank you!" Sean J., Birmingham, AL

"Years of sitting at my old computer desk was finally starting to catch up to me. My belly was growing and I slowed down. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I knew I had to make a change. I invested in a stand-up desk and pushed myself to stand more at work. It really worked. When I have blood sugar lows, standing up actually helps me get my energy back. It sort of kick starts me. Now I am energized and invigorated. Should have gotten a Zero Gravity Desk sooner." Charles P., Tulsa, OK

"Restless leg syndrome has been an issue for me. Before getting my standing desk I had a hard time finding a comfortable work desk. After lots of comparison and research, ZG was the best choice for me. Now I alternate from sitting to standing at work and I can finally feel comfortable. I'm never going back to a regular desk." Sarah M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I was involved in a car accident that left me with some spinal issues. In physical therapy I learned about the benefits of standing for spine health and good posture. Working with a standing desk has elevated the work experience and helped me recover faster. I'm happy my therapist recommended Zero Gravity, they really are the best sit-to-stand desks." Dana T., Sacramento, CA