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Build The Best Electric Lift Stand Up Tables


Expertly Crafted - Excellent Engineering - Professional Design Adjustable Height Desks: 

The Adjustable Height Desk Built to Last With Modern Work Environments. Elevating the work experience at Zero Gravity Tables is our mission. Our adjustable height standing desk is founded on great design. Our computer desks are the preferred, modern choice for office furniture. Ergonomic, programmable, one touch dashboard controls the powerful, reliable motors that raise and lower our stand to sit office furniture makes us the clear choice for sit to stand desks. 

standing-desk-ergonomic-and-design-features-for-height-adjustable-sit-to-stand-tables.jpgOne Touch Programmable Dashboard with LED Height Measurement for Electric Lift Tables: 

The simplest height adjustable push power buttons. Our industry leading, easy to use, one touch programmable dashboard allows you to elevate and lower the desk to your perfect ergonomic height with the touch of a button. Zero Gravity Tables has a clean display helps you set your height for standing or sitting at your desk with ease. Our 4 button pre-programmed settings and up / down buttons allow you to fine tune the height within millimeters. Our soft touch design and easy read digital LED display is perfect for multiple user office spaces. Programmable memory settings allow you to easily raise and lower the desktop to your preferred sitting to standing positions within seconds. Computers stay safely in place with our sturdy CPU holders and smooth height transitions electric power lifts. 


Leading Power Electric Lift Technology System for Sit-To-Stand Desks:

The strongest, smoothest ride of any sit to stand desk anywhere. The Zero Gravity Tables proprietary motor within our strong steel legs is the best in world. We have sourced the best electric lift systems to help insure our quality desks glide up and down easily and seamlessly. Quiet and strong, our desks adjust from short to tall heights in seconds. Speedy rise and lower heights from the electric lift technology gives you ultimate control on your height settings. Promote ergonomic posture, back support and circulatory health with our standing desks. Our electric lift motor supports more then 300lbs to work perfectly with desktop, laptop and multiple monitor setups. You will love our high efficiency, minimal electrical power supply needed, electric lift tables for home and office workspaces.